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We will add creative activities to this page as the weeks go on. We will put the newest activities at the top, but leave the others for you to return to if you wish. These activities will develop a variety of skills and link to other areas of learning too. 


weaving with paper

Below is a video showing a step by step guide to weaving with paper. why not have a go.

Weaving with paper.MOV

Music and Art

Can you follow the story?

How do the instruments make you feel?

How do they play to make you feel different ways? E.g. fast and slow

Can you drawn while listening to the orchestras playing their instruments? Do different instruments ans parts of the story my your pencil/brush move in a different way?

Peter and the wolf- Disney.mp4

How to make some pancake for Mr Wolf

reciperecipe - Copy

You might wish to be healthier than Mrs Watson and add some fruit on top of your pancake.

Finger Print Painting

Have you ever looked closely at your finger prints? Did you know they are unique to you?


Lego Mazes

lego maze

Can you make a lego maze (or use other construction or materials). You could add character pictures or puppets to your maze from our story. Can you get to Grandma's house safely? Choose the correct route. 

You could make a maze of Clifton landmarks, using google maps to help you. 

tuffspot maze

Wolf Dancing


Try out some wolf dance moves with cbeebies

click here for the link

Brownie in a mug

Follow out simple recipe and instructions for making a brownie in a mug. YUM!


Wolf crafts

Why not have a go at some of these wolf related activites. Above are some wolf masks for you to cut out and role play with. 

Below you will also see a video which shows a step by step guide on how to draw a wolf. Why not have a go and email your pictures to us so we can put them on the website.

In addition there is an example of the story scene that you could make. Or adapt it to make a wolf habitat.

wolf masksVideo (4).MOV
story box
tuff spot LLRH2

Little Red Riding Hood crafts

Here are some Little Red Riding Hood crafts.

Making Junk Instruments

Here are some ideas of junk instruments that you could make at home to have noisy fun with.

Waggle Dancing

When a worker discovers a good source of nectar or pollen, she will return to the hive to perform a waggle dance to let her nest mates know where it lies. A bee performs the waggle dance when she wants to inform other bees of a nectar source she has found. Here is Mrs Stephenson performing a waggle dance in a figure of 8. Can you have a go too? Send us your videos to the reception email.


Melody from Cbeebies

There is a nice video on cbeebies iPlayer where Melody goes to see some butterflies and then listens to a piece of music that make her imagine a blue butterfly.  Have a listen and see what you think!



melody blue butterfly

You can also find a short animated clip of Melody and the bumblee from Mrs Stephenson's dance music.



melody bee

Bee Crafts

Have a go at making some of these bee crafts from things you have around your house.


Patterns in Nature

Can you design a t-shirt for Willbee? You can use some of the patterns we found, or research some of your own. 


Honey Biscuits

Mrs Watson has been baking again! She made some delicious honey biscuits. Why don't you and your grown up have a go at them yourselves using the recipe below?

honey biscuits

Finger Knitting

Why not have a go at finger knitting yourselves.You can see this video on YouTube by typing in 'One finger finger knitting' it gives you step by step instructions.

finger knitting

Fun things to do with a cardboard box

Who knew there were so many thing to make with cardboard boxes. As we are stayong at home, alot more online ordering is going on. This means A LOT more recyling. Why not have some fun with your boxes before we recycle them. Hours of fun for free.

Baking Recipes

Here are some simple recipes for you to try at home. It is becoming easiert to get hold of eggs and flour and it is much cheaper and lots more fun to bake your ouw snacks. Send us photos of your creations. 

Hand and Feet paint art

Have fun using your handprints and footprints and turning them into animals. Can you make any of the Characters from The Smartest Giant in Town?

More Creative Ideas

Here are some ideas for you to try at home


It is very easy to weave to home. Use wool, string, ribbon or paper. Have a think about what you want it to be after. A cape for a super hero? a rug for your dolls house? a picnic blanket for your teddies bear picnic? Or it could just be for fun. 

It is quite fiddly do encourage your child not to give up. It will develop their finger maniputlation skills for handing tools, including pencils. 

IMG_1882weaving paper
IMG_1883weaving paper 2

Creative Activities Linked to Books

We have found some lovely activities linked to stories. Enjoy reading them or watching them on you tube, then make some crafts together.

The Mixed up Chameleon


You tube story- Click here

Make your own Chameleon spinning plate to change their colours.

dad lab 2
dad lab 3dad lab 4

Here is a picture of a real Chameleon

real chameleon

Can you draw your own mixed up Chameleon? Add different parts of different animals as you go. What would their habitat be? Why would they be suited to live there? E.g. They have fins and gills, so they could live in the sea, but they also have a monkeys arms and a tail, so they could also swing in trees.

mixed up

You could email us pictures of your creations.

You could do some research about chameleons online and watch videos of real ones in the wild. Why do they change colour? Whatwould it be like if we could change colour too?


Elma the patchwork elephant.

You tube story- click here

elma book

Have fun making your own familiy of patchwork elephants. If you dont have tissue paper you could recycle some old clothes, cut up magasines or food packaging.

Are Real elephants patchwork? Maybe you could research them. They are wonderful creatures and very good friends to eachother. 

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