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Reception Home Learning

The Reception Team have been working hard sourcing and creating learning for you to access at home. We are hoping that you will all find it useful and that accessing these resources will support your child's learning while you are unable to attend school. We will be updating the learning below and we will send you a Marvellous Me each time it is updated. Speaking is the key to everything. Make use of our resources and fun things to do together, and in-turn enhance their vocabulary, independence and life experiences. Staying in doesn't have to be boring. There are lots of lovely things to do on the nursery page also. If you don't have a printer don't worry. Paper and a pencil is just as great as a writing frame. Recycle some envelopes and use the back of bills.  

We hope you enjoy learning together.

home learning

Family Support for Learning at home

Below are some resources to support you in supporting your child in all areas of the Early Years curriculum. 

Staff Contact Details

If you need any help or support you can reach the Reception team on the email address below. We will check it daily. 


Home Learning Reward Chart

Keep your child's motivation high by using this reward chart. You can choose your own rewards together and maybe somehting extra fun for when this all comes to an end. This is just a guide and you can change the headings in each box to suit your child and the resources you have at home. Click the PDF to print your own or you cam simply draw one yourself. 

Reward Table

What has Mrs Harris been up to?

Has anyone managed to do any baking yet? Pobble the Bear and I baked Brownies and a sponge cake with passion fruit icing. They are delicious! 

We will make sure we only have one slice a day and brush our teeth before bed.

cake(1)cake 2(3)

Willow my cat has enjoyed sitting in the sunshine. We sat together and read 'Tyrannosaurus Drip'. 

willow in sun

The weather is so nice that I can now hang my washing outside. Have you helped to do any jobs around the house yet?

washing 1

The problem is, when you have done lots of washing you then have to put it all away. Willow tried to help...but she would rather stand on my shoulders like a parrot!

washing 2

What has Mrs Stephenson been up to?

Frank and Mrs Stephenson are missing you all. We have just had our walk in the park, but kept apart from other people. 

We hope you and your families are happy and well. 

Love Mrs Stephenson and Frank - woof woof xxx

frank 1

I love playing board games. Today I’m playing snakes and ladders with my mummy. You have to wait for your turn and not get grumpy when you go down a snake. Only one person can win so if I don’t win I will just say “ never mind it was fun.”

Have a happy day!

Love Frankie and Mrs Stephenson xx

Woof woof


I am helping to plant some seeds but think I’m getting in the way!

Lots of love Frank XX woof woof

amanda 6

What has Mrs Watson been up to?

I have been keeping healthy by making healthy dinners. Here is my vegetable Lasgne.

kerry 1kerry 3(1)

Did you know that if you type an animal into google and press 3D it apprears next to you? I tried this with a tiger and all of a sudden there was right here in my garden! Amazing. Have a go and email the reception team your photos. reception@dovecote.school

kerry 2

What has Mrs Norris been up to?

claire 1

Now that my children are home everyday, we are making sure that they start looking after their three guinea pigs.  Toffee, Blizzard and Dandelion are pleased to see them again and I’m pleased that they are helping me!

claire 2

The girls had lots of fun making rainbow paintings to put in our windows. Have you managed to make your own rainbow picture? Our #frommywindow groups has suggested we make flower pictures this week so that’s the next job!

claire 3

They also had lots of fun making things for Pikachu to wear.  Can you make some accessories for one of your teddies?

claire 9

The girls have been practising some of the songs they do at school.  We found some of them on Youtube. Maybe you can find some of the ones we do at school.

claire 4

We haven’t been able to go to church so we watched church online

claire 5(2)claire 6

We went for our ‘daily exercise’ as a family and worked on my son’s athletics badge for Cubs.  He made us do a 4X100 relay! It was nice to get some fresh air so we are enjoying that while we can.

claire 8

We cleaned up our Aquaplay and had lots of fun playing with it.  The water had a layer of ice on top which was fun to explore.  We also found out how dangerous it is to walk on frozen water when one of the toy characters fell through the ice and then got trapped in the water underneath the ice.

What has Mrs Hill been up to?

As the weather has been so nice, I have been for some walks with my family for my daily exercise. What exercises have you been doing?

angela 1

I have been practising my numbers by doing a Sudoku every day. This one was pretty tough but I managed to complete it in the end.

angela 4
angela 2

We were very lucky to see some horses and some alpacas along the way. Unfortunately, they were too busy eating to say “hello”

angela 3

I hope you’re enjoying all the fun activities on the website. You could email us some photos of what you have been doing.


Here are a few activities for you to have fun with at home. Some are provided by Twinkl. You can access an expanse of activities suiting all ages and abilities on the link to the right. These will added to through the rest of this week, then changed weekly to give you time to comlete them.

Online Learning Links

Below is the online learning links list for learning at home. You can navigate the websites to access a range of activities suitable for all abilieies.

You can also access Twinkl who have opened their website for free for the next 30 days. Click the link www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and use the code UKTWINKLHELPS


See the Resources section for an expanse of other sites that you can access.

What a wonderful idea

Every time your child says they want to do something or go somewhere ask them to write it down and put it in a jar/tub. This can become your bucket list once this is all over. It will give them something to look forward to and is a great way to trick them into doing writing. 

pic 1
pic 2

Our Current book is Tyrannosaurus Drip

Have some fun at home with our latest story Tyrannosaurus Drip Listen to the story being read on You tube, talk about the events, then have a go at some of the activities that we have suggested. You might think of fun activities of your own too. 

Tyrannosaurus Drip(2)

Tyrannosaurus Drip story click here

How to draw a dinosaur click here


Here are some phonics and reading resources to support you at home. There are also lots of activities on the learning links above and of course don't forget the importance of reading and handling real books.

The Reading dogs are there to support you in your questioning while reading with your child and to your child. They help your child to build all of the skills that they need to become acomplished readers.



Here are some writing resources to support you with your writing at home. There will be writing tasks linked to the weekly story that we put up below. There are also some generic writing frames that you can adapt to anything that you have been up to together.

E.g. Writing instructions for...

Writing a story about...

Writing a recount of your day...

Use the RWI mat to the left to help you to spell. You have received a couple of these in the past, so may already have it printed off.



Here are some Maths activities for you to try at home. Some of them may need printing off, while others you can work from while they are on the screen, or you can go and do with things that you find around the house and garden. These will change weekly to give you time to complete them. Remember there is also an 'Our Learning' section on the website where you can find the timetables songs.

white rose maths

White Rose Maths Early Years Home learning Lots of fun activities from Nursery to Year 6. Look at the Early Years ones or year 1 for a challenge

- Click here

maths 2

RWI Phonics


Click these links to take you directly there:



If you are not sure which set your child should be accessing then email your class teacher to ask.

Fitness at Home

Below are some fun ways to keep fit while at home. Have fun doing work out videos and yoga together. It is fun for the grown ups to join in with too.

'The Body Coach' is doing a Morning PE session Mon-Fri at 9am live on You Tube. You could build this into your daily routine. Keep active everyone. We will be fit and flexible on our return to school!

Work out videos

5 minute move 1- Click here

5 minute move 2- Click here

5 minute move 3- Click here

8 minute workout- Click here

Fun Family Cardio workout- Click here

Kids 25 minute workout- Click here

Zumba Kids- Click here





T-Rex Yoga- Click here

Spiderman Yoga- Click here

Pokemon Yoga- Click here

Pirate Yoga- Click here

Frozen Yoga- Click here

Trolls Yoga- Click here

Animal yoga- Click here


Science Fun

Milk Art- Click here

Storm in a Glass- Click here

Water Fireworks- Click here

science fun

Easter Holiday Activities

These will be added soon.

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