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We hope you had a lovely half term enjoying the sunshine. We have been busy planning this half term's learning and hope you enjoy it as much as the last. We have thown in a week of growing for you with a one off story theme 'Jasper's Beanstalk' to link with the seeds that you have been posted. We will be moving on next week to a focus story for the remainder of the term with a different theme each week. 

Please find below this week's focus story and homeworking sheet, full of fun learning activities for you to do togeter. There are a couple more activities that link on other reception tabs e.g. 'The World-Science'. As always the newest activities are at the top of the pages.

We will be leaving previous homeworking sheets up for you to revisit, or you may be accessing it for the first time. That is ok. The previous videos that the teachers have done for you are at the bottom of the page in case they want to watch them again. We are all missing the children and hope you are all well. 

*PLEASE REMEMBER* it is home learning, not home school. You are not expected to take on the full role of a teacher and it should definitely not be stressful for you or the children. There are 17 areas of learning in the Early Years Curiculum and they are ALL important. Learning life-skills, creative skills and new vocabulary is going to enrich your child's future. The most important thing you can learn to be is kind.

Make use of our resources and fun things to do together. There are lots of lovely things to do on the nursery page also.

If you don't have a printer don't worry. Paper and a pencil is just as great as a writing frame. Recycle some envelopes, the inside of cereal boxes and use the back of letters.

We hope you enjoy learning together and make the most of your special family time.

Staff Contact Details

If you need any help or support you can reach the Reception team on the email address below. We will check it daily. 


* The Teachers have a challenge for you * The Teachers have a challenge for you *

1.6.20- Staff Video

It is a very dramatic video this week as the reception staff go head to head in a challenge. Who can build the tallest tower in 20 seconds?


Can you have a go too? Try to build a tower as tall as you can using things from around the house. You only have 20 seconds! Ready, steady GO!

send your videos to reception@dovecote.school and we will turn them into a video against your friends. 

Reception Home Learning 1.6.20

Here is our homeworking sheet for this week and the activities that link. The related documents are attached below, but for those who cannot open them we have put them in a different format for you in  our 'The World- Science', 'Maths', and 'Our Focus Story' sections.

We have already had some photos of your beanstalks and troll heads. Keep them coming. And we would love to find out the new things you have learnt, and see your research about the largest things in your world and the close-ups that you can find around you. Also see how far you sporty bunch can jump.

Keep up the fantastic home learning that you have been doing. 

We miss you x

working sheet71zVpwsWW3L(1)

Go to our Focus story page to listen to our story and find related activities.

Half Term Fun

If you're happy and you know it

Here is our staff video. Have a go of one of your own and email it to our reception email address. You may wish to make an instrument to sing along to.

If you're happy and you know it.MOV

Making junk instruments

Reception Home Learning WB 18.5.20

This week we are celebrating 'National Bee Week'. Our focus story is 'Willbee the Bumblebee,' which can be found on our Focus Story section, read beautifully by Mrs Norris. Under the story are some story related activities. You can also find activities under our homeworking sheet below. 


Here is our honeworking sheet for this week and the activities that link. There are also activities in our 'The World- Science' section and in our 'creative' sections.

Be sure to watch Mrs Stephenson's bee waggle dance video in the Creative section. She really enjoyed getting into character and she thinks some of her neighbours may have enjoyed the show too!

Growing a Cress Head

cress 3growing a cress head

Go to 'The World- Science' section for more resources and information.

Send us updates to the reception email. More measuring tasks to follow after half term.

*Here are you photos of your cress and beans growing nicely.*

Reception Home Learning: 11/5/20

* Make some noise - it's fashion week! * Make some noise - it's fashion week! *

The teachers have another message for you!

Fashion Show.MOV

We had lots of fun making our fashion show.  Can you put on your own fashion show? If you would like to star in the reception fashion show, send your videos to reception@dovecote.school.  They don't need to be very long - ten seconds is usually enough.  Practise your fancy walk and your best poses! I bet you're all better at it than us! 

Please find the homeworking sheet for this week below, and the supporting PDF documents beneath it.  As always don't forget that there are other areas of learning, including Storytime and Maths on the tabs off the main Reception tab on the webpage menu.

One of the activities is reading ebooks on the Oxford Owl Website.  It is currently free to set up an account and access a range of ebooks.  Mrs Norris is using them with her reception daughter and they have been really useful.  You can choose books by age or book band colour.  The children can listen to the book while they follow the words and then have a go at reading it by themselves.

Mrs Watson's fabulous sandwich pictures can be found on the Physical Development page of the Reception Home Learning.

* It's Kids' Fashion Week! * It's Kids' Fashion Week! * It's Kids' Fashion Week! *

We asked, you delivered.  This is your fashion video!

Well done to all the children to contributed to this fabulous video!

Kids fashion show.MOV

Story Map Re-create

The teachers have been busy making their own versions of 'The Smartest Giant in Town' Visit the Story Time page for videos of the Teachers reading their story map re-creations.

Week Beginning 4.5.20

* Is the postman coming to your house? * Is the postman coming to your house? *

The teachers have another message for you!


Your brilliant letters are coming in.  We love reading them so much.  It really brightens up our day!


We hope you are all well this week and looking forward to another week of fun activities. 

Below you will find this week's home learning sheet and the PDF file in case you wish to print a copy out. You can use this to base your week's learning on. It has a range of activities for lots of variety.

There are PDF files with examples of story maps and also an example of how to drawn one. You may wish to draw your own on some paper or create one on your computer. 

There is a PDF for reading tricky works in sentences from our story. Read them lots of times to improve fluency and sight reading. 

The last PDF is writing speech bubbles for the characters. Again you do not have to print. Your child can draw their own pictures and speech bubbles on a page or cut out some cereal boxes.

Don't forget, there are tabs that come off the main reception tabs - these will take you to more specific areas of learning, including weekly maths activities.

working mat 4.5.20

Summer Term 1 Newsletter

Older videos


We asked you to solve our problems (week beginning 27th April) and you did! Have a look at the video to see some of the ways your friends solved the teachers' problems.

SORRY AMELIA! One of the great designs got missed out of the first video and I've only just realised! Amelia also sent a super collar design for Frank. It's now in the video with the other great ideas.

Problem solving children.MOV

Family Support for Learning at home

Below are some resources to support you in supporting your child in all areas of the Early Years curriculum. 

Happy Birthday Mrs Hill!

Thank you, children, for your lovely messages for Mrs Hill


Happy Birthday Mrs Watson

kerry bday.MOVkerry thank you.mp4

Some videos couldn't be included in the complilation as they were freezing. Here they are on their own. 



Here are a few activities for you to have fun with at home. Some are provided by Twinkl. You can access an expanse of activities suiting all ages and abilities on the link to the right. These will added to through the rest of this week, then changed weekly to give you time to comlete them.

Online Learning Links

Below is the online learning links list for learning at home. You can navigate the websites to access a range of activities suitable for all abilieies.

You can also access Twinkl who have opened their website for free for the next 30 days. Click the link www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and use the code UKTWINKLHELPS


See the Resources section for an expanse of other sites that you can access.

Online Classroom

Take part in video lessons delivered by teachers in a range of subjects for free. It works better and loads mroe quickly in google chrome, but will work in explorer too. 

Click here

online classroom

Click on reception for our curriculum or select year 1 if you want a challenge.


What a wonderful idea

Every time your child says they want to do something or go somewhere ask them to write it down and put it in a jar/tub. This can become your bucket list once this is all over. It will give them something to look forward to and is a great way to trick them into doing writing. 

pic 1
pic 2

General Curriculum Resources

Please go to the individual subject tabs to find topic specific ideas, our current story focus and a range of fun ideas for you do do at home. There are also resources for online learing, art, science, spanish, gardening, Butterfly House and Makaton on the whole school menu.

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