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Stories read by the nursery team will be placed here.

Oxford Owl

You can access Oxford Owl's free E-book library by clicking on the picture.

The Worrysaurus

Listen to Mrs Kendrick read The Worrysaurus.


See if you can answer these questions when you've listened to the story.

What did the worrysaurus do when he woke up? The Worrysaurus had a busy head, what was he thinking about?

How did he feel about the weather?

How can you help yourself if you feel worried or sad? Talk to your grown up about how they could help you too.


Oxford Owl(2)

I'm not cute!

Listen to Mrs Dale read I'm not cute!.

Can you name any of the animals in the story?

Which is your favourite part? Maybe you could tell us by sending us an email.

mrs dales story.mov

The very hungry caterpillar

Listen to Mrs Dale read The very hungry caterpillar.

How did the caterpillar feel after he popped out of his egg?

What did he eat on Monday?

How many different foods did he eat on Saturday?

Which is your favourite food?

The butterfly poem

This is a poem about the butterfly.  We have been practicing this poem for a couple of weeks now, so see how much you can remember.

Open up the pdf to see the words. Talk with your grown up about the poem and recite to them. 

What the Ladybird Heard

Listen to Mrs Kendrick read What the Ladybird Heard. In this story they have a map of the farm. You could make your own map of your house or garden. 

If you have been to a farm before, can you remember what you saw there? Which animal is your favourite? Can you draw a picture of your favorite animal and send us an email to show us? We would love to see them.

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