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Stories read by the nursery team will be placed here.

Oxford Owl

You can access Oxford Owl's free E-book library by clicking on the picture.

Little Red Riding Hood

Listen to Mrs McCarron read Little Red Riding Hood.

red riding hood.MP4

See if you can answer these questions when you've listened to the story.

Who was Red Riding Hood going to visit?

Why did Red Riding Hood need to visit them?

What did she take with her?

Where did they live?

Oxford Owl(2)

Fancy Dress Farmyard

Listen to Mrs Kendrick read Fancy Dress Farmyard.

Can you name any of the characters in the story?

What did they wear?

Which is your favourite part? Maybe you could tell us by sending us an email.

fancy dress farm yard.mov

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Listen to Mrs Dale read Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.

This story is all about a teddy bear doing some actions. Can you copy what teddy bear does? Maybe you can think of other things the teddy bear can do. How about getting your teddy bears to do some of the actions too?

Wake-Up Time on Bumble Farm

Listen to Mrs Wilson read Wake-Up Time on Bumble Farm

For this story Mrs Wilson used puppets and small cuddly animals to tell the story. If you have any animal puppets or cuddly toys you could do the same. 

Talk with your grown ups or brothers or sisters about the story, tell them what might happen next.  Maybe you could make your own stories up.


What the Ladybird Heard

Listen to Mrs Kendrick read What the Ladybird Heard. In this story they have a map of the farm. You could make your own map of your house or garden. 

If you have been to a farm before, can you remember what you saw there? Which animal is your favourite? Can you draw a picture of your favorite animal and send us an email to show us? We would love to see them.

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