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Activities to support Physical Development

Spend at least 30 minutes a day doing some physical exercise, this is incredibly important for 3 and 4 year olds for their overall development. 

children exercising

Our Favourite YouTube Workouts

The Body Coach:

5 minute move

8 minute workout

5 minute move with Betsy

15 minute workout

5 minute move with Noah and Jessie

8 minute workout with Izzy

Just Dance:

Gummy Bear song

I like to move it move it


Trolls Can't stop the feeling

A pirate you shall be

What does the fox say?


Cosmic Kids Yoga:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

On the farm



5 a day relax

Baby shark

Shake your sillies out

drip drop rain

action song singing walrus

The skeleton dance

stand up sit down

the gruffalo song by Julia Donaldson

Move and Freeze


Obstacle Course

Make an obstacle course in the garden using boxes, buckets, blankets to crawl under, things to step over.

obstacle course
body coach(1)just dancecosmic yogadrip drop rain

Quick Exercises to try:

Star jumps, knee-ups, touch your toes, jumping on the spot, running on the spot, high leg kicks, high jumps, long jumps, circle arms, marching, lunges, crawling, slithering, pretending to box/swim/basketball/tennis/football/golf/ice skating etc

Pretending to move like different animals- a snake, an elephant, a frog, a butterfly, chicken, cheetah, fish, dolphin, ant, 

The Flamingo Challenge

How long can you stand on one leg??

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