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Step right up. Step right up. Step right up. Step right up.

Our theme for this week is ‘carnivals’. Below you will find many ideas to create your own Carnival themed activities in your garden or home. Hopefully you are able to safely enjoy some of the lovely weather we have been having. Choose the activities that work for you, or create your own games using things you can find around the house. Enjoy!

You could:

  • Design/colour/draw/decorate your own Carnival themed bunting or poster.
  • Create your own award medals for getting a high score on one of the games below.
  • Make your own colourful carnival hat or crown.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Bake/cook some tasty treats such as hot dogs, iced biscuits or brownies in a cup
    Click here for a recipe:
  • Create your own skittles to knock down using plastic bottles and rice or water. Write numbers on each bottle for an extra challenge.
  • Make your own ring toss game.



You could use any box or container fo this game. If you don't have a ball, you could use a scrunched up sock.


Create your own ring toss game using plastic bottles. You could fill them with a little rice or water in the bottom to help weigh them down.

Carnival7carnival 11

Bake your own colourful biscuits!

carnical 102
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