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Describe an Alien

Can you describe the alien?

You could:

  • Draw some patterns/marks and put some meaning to them. A grown-up could write down what you say.
  • Label the picture with initial sounds.
  • Label the picture with all the sounds you can hear in each word.

Remember to use the sound board to help.

Mood Monsters

Make your own mood monster puppets using the document below or reosurces you have around your home. 

Painting Activity

Monster paint art

Make your own monster with runny paint and a straw. When you have finished making the body, you could add arms, legs and a face. You choose! Send us a photo of your completed piece. We would love to see it.

Rainbow Breathing

Draw your own rainbow to trace your finger along as you breathe. We would love to see your rainbow. Send a ohoto to nursery@dovecote.school

Rainbow Breathing

Sing a Rainbow

What have you enjoyed about spending time at home?

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