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Nursery Home Learning Menu w/b 18.5.20

This week our theme is "Princes and Princesses". Create your own crown and shield, think of your own prince or princess name and head over to Prince and Princess Training School! There's no time to lose! There's dragons to be slayed and victims to be saved! 

Fairy tale stories

Makaton for Prince and Princess


Prince and Princess Training!

To complete Prince and Princess Training School you need to get 5 Gold stars! Complete the challenges below to receive a gold star:

  • Practise galloping on your horse in a large space
  • Practise chopping down the forest with your sword 
  • Practise tiptoeing silently so as not to wake the dragon! 
  • Practise climbing a very tall tower 
  • Practise jumping across stepping stones to cross the river or lava! Don't fall in! (use cushions as stepping stones) 

Phonics- Rr

What can you find around the house begining with rrrr? 

Can you work out what these words are if a grown-up sounds them out to you? 

r-e-d         r-o-ck       r-i-p       r-a-t        r-igh-t       r-e-s-t        r-oa-d  


Stick puppet ideas

stick puppets

Fairy tale Board Game

Download from Twinkl. All you need is a die, take it in turns to roll and make up your own fairy tale story! 

board game

Maths- Capacity Challenge

As a prince or princess who rescues people you need to ready for lots of dangerous situations! One day you may need to put out the dragon's fire which you need lots of water for. Your challenge is to find 10 different sized containers around the house and order them from smallest to largest. Next you need to fill them up with water (we recommend in the bath or outside!). See which takes the longest to fill up. Try filling them up with a tea spoon or a cup- which is quicker? Which container holds the most water? Which container holds the least water? 


Toilet roll Castle Numbers activity

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