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Story Time

My Movie.mp4

Monsters Love Colors 

My Movie 1.mp4



Emotions makaton video - Medium.mov

Throwing Activities

There are a range of resources you could use that you can find around the home. Baskets, buckets and other containers are perfect for practsing throwing skills. If you don't have a ball, you could use scrunched up paper to create your own paper toss game. Increase the challenge by moving the container further away or making the target smaller. 

Throwing 2
Throwing 1
Throwing 3

Mindful Breathing Activity

Listen to Miss Roberts explain how to do a mindful breathing execrise using your favourite teddy.

Buddy breathing - Medium (1).mov

If you're happy and you know it

You will find different versions of this song on YouTube. You could make up your own version too! We'd love to hear your version. You could send us a video to nursery@dovecote.school

Monster Stomp

Monster stomp

Make your own Monster

Design your own monster, thinking carefully about the shapes you will need to draw the features. Use the template bewlod if you need some inspiration.

Feelings Cube Game

Roll the dice and act out whatever it lands on! Can your family guess which one you are acting out?

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