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Nursery Home Learning Menu 11.5.20

Makaton- Magic

Learn the sign for the word magic by watching the video below. 

wandMagic- Makaton Sign.MOV

Phonics- h

This week's sound is h. See if you can have a go at writing the letter shape whilst saying:

'Down the head to the hooves and over his back'

horse(1)Fred Talk(1)

What can you find that starts with our new sound? Have a look at what Miss Woodward found in her house...












Can you find any packaing with the 'h' sound on it? Miss Woodward found it in her recipe book!

Slime Bug Cup Recipe

Decorate a Cauldron


In Nursery, we learn how to draw a range of patterns such as waves, spirals and zig-zags. This enables us to practise and develop our fine motor control which will then help us with our letter formation. . 

You could draw the outline of a cauldron, a witches hat or an object of your choice (a grown up can do this bit). Decorate the inside with a range of colours and patterns. See below for some ideas. 

Send us a picture of your finished piece.



Zoom, Zoom, Broom

zoom zoom broom

You can sing this rhyme to the tune of 'Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We're Going to the Moon'. You can find it on YouTube. 

Magic Potion Shop

price list

Create your own magical 'potions' using empty bottles and have ago at writing some of the labels. Have you got a price list?

You could pretend to buy and sell them to people in your household!


Create your own googly eye dice. If you don't have any googly eyes, you could make your own by cutting them out of paper or cardboard. 

There are some really simple games you can play that are effective in helping your child develop their early counting skills.

  • Pretend to be in a witches potion lab. Roll the dice and carefully count out ingredients into a pretend cauldron. You could draw your own ingredients to add. 
  • Roll the dice and count out the correct amount of blocks. If you don't have any blocks, you could use other toys such as cars or animals. You could also take the game outside and count leaves and twigs. Let them choose!
  • Roll the dice and see if you can throw or catch that many times. You could use a balloon for this if you have one. 
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