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Getting your little one to help out with household chores can be very educational! Here are some ideas:


Sorting clean washing- helps with maths development- can they sort the washing into categories, socks, pants, tops etc. Can they pair up matching socks? This is a great one for looking for similarities and differences, talk about the patterns and shapes on different items of clothing. Learning how to fold clothes is a great fine motor activity and you will be surprised how long this might keep them occupied! Using clothes pegs is also a great fine motor activity if they can help hanging up the washing. Let them wash their dolls clothes in soapy water and hang it up to dry.

Tidying their room- helps with listening and attention and maths sorting skills- can they follow instructions of where to put things, can they sort their toys into categories, figures, puzzles, bricks, books etc. Can they order their superheroes/figures from biggest to smallest? Can they sort their dolls clothes into groups? Can they order their books from biggest to smallest?


Cleaning-Children love using the dustpan and brush and it is great fine motor practice! Get them to help with dusting (cloth only, no cleaning products)  using a cloth in big circular movements is great for arm muscle strengthening.

Cooking- Whether you are simply making cereal, sandwiches or a full roast dinner there are so many skills the children will benefit from helping you ( obviously bearing in mind safety considerations). Pouring cereal/milk is good fine motor practise. Learning how to spread butter on a sandwich is a tricky but worthwhile skill. Listening and following your instructions is a very important skill to develop, such as in following a recipe. You can talk about where the food comes from, how we cook it, how to be safe when cooking, how to weigh food, what ingredients and equipment you need and how to use it properly (taking extra care with knives, hot things etc). You can also talk about food that is healthy and food that is unhealthy so we eat less of it. Obviously NEVER leave a child unattended with cooking equipment or in the kitchen and be vigilant with SAFETY.

Recipes that you might like to try: home made pizza, fruit muffins, fruit flapjack, fruit salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, cheese scones, healthy wraps,   Search on BBC GoodFood for more recipe ideas.

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