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September Arrangements for Nursery

We are really looking forward to seeing you all in September. smiley

In the interest of your child's wellbeing after being off for such a long time, all nursery children will be doing the same hours (full or half day) they were doing before we closed on the 3rd and 4th September. 

Nursery will start at 9.15am.

-From Monday 7th September Reception aged children will be staying all day if they are not already. 
(Birth dates between 1.9.15 and 31.8.16) 

-From Monday 7th September all N2 children can stay all day if they are not already. 
(Birth dates between 1.9.16 and 31.8.17)

If you are collecting your child at the end of the morning session, please wait at the Brinkhill Gate at 11.40am and your child will be brought to you by the nursery team. 

Children who are doing a full day will be collected at 3.15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They will finish at 12.30pm on a Friday. 

Please keep checking the school website reguarly for further updates.


The Nursery Team 


Dovecote Nursery Home Learning

The Three Billy Goats Gruff -- The Three Billy Goats Gruff --- The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff read by the Nursery Team.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by the Nursery team.

Goldilocks reading.MOV

Can you help Goldilocks decide which porridge bowl to choose?

A story.mp4

Let the us know what you think. Email us at: nursery@dovecote.school

Would you like to see some magic?


Let us know what you think: nursery@dovecote.school

CLICK HERE for some witch and wizard themed activities.


Friday 26th June

Happy Friday Robins and Owls!

We hope you have had a nice week and have managed to do some of the home learning activities. Remember to check in with us regularly and Hi5 To Marvellous Me messages. Please keep your photos coming! 

We have some exciting news! Mrs McCarron had her little boy last week and they are doing very well. His name is Asher and we think he is so cute!

Lots of Love 

The Nursery Team XXX



Dovecote Nursery ---- Home Learning

Scroll down for the latest Nursery blog update!

Thanks to all the families who are keeping in touch with us. Please remember to Hi5 our messages back on Marvellous Me. If you need a copy of your code please let us know. If you need any extra support or would just like to say hello, email us:


We love seeing and hearing what you have been getting up to.

Thursday 11th June

 Hi Owls & Robins,

We hope you are keeping yourselves busy with some of the home learning ideas. Did you watch the Goldilocks videos that have been uploaded this week?

Mrs Wilson has been watching the weather and looking at the clouds to see if she can see any shapes out of them. She could see a whale in this one!

sarah cloudsorigami sarahlisa2

Miss Archer cut some letter shapes out and took them in to the garden on a sunny day.

Can you see the shadow?


Miss Morrell went to Sherwood Pines to take her dog for a walk.


Mrs Kendrick and Kasper's strawberries have been growing nicely. They've had a few already and they were very tasty!


They went for a walk down the grove and skimmed stones in the river.

Let us know what you have been up to via email.

Lots of love

The Nursery Team


moonsarahsarah rain

They listened to the rain hitting their window, there was also hail and thunder. This was the moon the night it was pink. Very pretty!


They have also been doing some origami. Lots of folding paper to make different shapes.


Miss Archer made her own rainbow using twigs.

She also made some chocolate drops by melting some chocolate, spooning it on to a baking sheet and adding some colourful sprinkles. She then left it to set.


Miss Woodward has been teaching her puppy tricks using hand signals. He is growing so quickly!


Monday 18th May

Hello Owls and Robins!

We hope you are safe and well. We would love to know what you have been up to this week.

Miss Woodward spent some time looking through some of her old photos. She founds lots of pictures of her when she was a baby!


Mrs Wilson had a party with her friends on Zoom. She had lights and snacks and lots of fun with her friends.

She planted some beans to see if she can grow a big beanstalk. You can see below that it’s starting to grow with a long root coming out of the bottom. 
She has also been very busy making some puppets and writing out some songs to sing, when we can get back to school. 

We look forward to hearing from you.


Lots of love

The Nursery Team



Mrs Wilson has been in her garden tidying it up ready for the summer. She made this area up so that little bugs and insects can go on holiday. It’s a big hotel and she hopes to get lots of interesting things to look at soon. 


Mrs McCarron made a special chocolate cheesecake for her husband's birthday. Have you celebrated a birthday recently?

We think it looks delicious.


Monday 11th May

Hola Owls and Robins !

We hope you are safe and well laugh

Did you celebrate VE day on friday with your family? Or perhaps there were some celebrations on your street? Some houses put up bunting and union jack flags. Did you see any flags near your house? 


lisa ve day

Mrs McCarron has been given some knitted animals for the baby to play with and cuddle. Which one do you think the baby will like the best? How many cuddly animals do you have? Maybe you could line them all up and see! 

knitted animals

Miss Archer and Ollie have been very busy making some magic this week! Have you made any magic potions? 

lisa magic

These baby swans (cygnets) were seen crossing the road near Miss Woodward's house! They are so cute and fluffy. How many can you see? 


Let us know what you have been up to. Can't wait to hear from you! 


Lots of love

The Nursery Team  XxX

Monday 4th May

Hi Owls and Robins

We hope you have enjoyed our new topic story this half term, we certainly have! Did you manage to watch our magic potion video? Let us know what you think the potion will make!

This week, Miss Morrell went on a lovely walk at Wollaton Park. Can you spot the deer grazing on the grass?

Animal1archer 3

Miss Archer made a fairy garden and a bird house and took it to the Forest School. Whilst they were there, Ollie and his siblings worked together to make a dragons den. Ollie and Miss Archer practised reading the dragon poem from last week.


Mrs Wilson planted 2 lots of beans and put them in 2 different windows of her house. 1 is in the living room and 1 is in Alfie’s bedroom. The living room gets lots of sunshine and Alfie’s room doesn’t! Which will grow better?


Take a look at this nest found near Miss Woodward's home. It is very big! We can't wait to see the cygnets when they hatch.

swan.movarcher 4archer1sarah 3

What activities have you been doing this week?

Let us know.

lots of love

The Nursery Team xxx

Monday 27th April

Hi Owls & Robins! 

Well we have quite a few things to share with you this week. We hope you were able to get out in the sunshine at least for a little bit last week as today it's gone quite cloudy! 

Miss Roberts has been trying out a new career as a hairdresser! She had to cut her boyfriend's hair for him as he can't go the Barber's because they are all closed! Has anyone had to cut your hair for you? She has also been doing a weekly quiz night with her friends online-sounds fun! 

Mrs Wilson and co had a cheeky treat in the sunshine- fabs are my favourite! Which is your favourite ice lolly? 

ice lolly

She has also been busy making this amazing Harry Potter Hogwarts surpriseHave you built anything this week? 

hp castle

Miss Woodward has been for a lovely walk in the woods with lots of bluebells! Have you seen some flowers growing anywhere? Can you hear the birds tweeting? 

flower walk.mp4

On Mrs McCarron's walk she spotted a teeny tiny fairy garden with a special magic door....I wonder where it goes...I wish I was small enough to fit through it! I wonder if any fairies have been to visit it recently....

fairy garden1

Don't forget to write back to us ! We love to hear what you have been doing too laugh


We miss you! heart 

Stay at home and stay safe

Lots of love 

The Nursery Team XXX

Miss Archer has been very healthy this week smileyWhat exercise have you done? Don't forget to do something every day! 

lisa runningchalk trail

Miss Morrell has been for a walk and look at what she spotted! Did you know Dovecote has it's very own ducklings again this year? Click here to take a look. 

ducklingsfairy garden2

Tuesday 21st April

Hi Owls & Robins!

We hope you have had a lovely Easter and that you managed to get outside and enjoy some of the nice weather we have been having.

It has been lovely seeing what you have all been getting up to at home, remember to check the tab in the drop down menu to see what your friends have been doing.

Take a look at what some of the teachers have been up to!



Watching the sun set over the Embankment.


What has Miss Archer been up to?




What has Miss Woodward been up to?

I have been busy at home looking after Niko and teaching him how to walk on a lead!

Do you have any pets at home that need looking after?

vikki 2





What has Mrs McCarron been up to?

rosanna 1

I have been busy painting the nursery for the baby, do you like the colour? Unfortunately I have ran out of paint so I will have to wait until the shops open again to finish it!

Have you been doing any painting?



What has Mrs Wilson been up to?

sarah 1

We think Mrs Wilson has done a brilliant job taking care of our butterlfies, they were in safe hands! Thank you.

Mrs Wilson released them in her garden and watched them fly away. They needed a little time to get their wings working and to adjust to being outside. We love the photo with the ladybird!

Have you seen any ladybirds outdoors?


Lots of love

The Nursery Team





What has Miss Morrell been up to? 
I have been walking my dog through the woods for my daily exercise.

What exercise have you been doing? Have you tuned in to Joe Wicks for a P.E session at 9am on YouTube?






What jobs have you been doing at home?





I found someting beginning with b in my house. Do you think the baby will like the big brown bear? He's so soft and squishy.

rosanna 2



sarah 2

Friday 3rd April

Happy Friday Owls & Robins! 

Please keep the emails coming with your photos! It's fantastic to see what you are getting up to smiley. Head over to the 'What have your friends been up to?' page on the drop down menu under Nursery > Home Learning to have a look! 


We have some very exciting news! Yesterday Mrs Wilson was getting a bit worried about the caterpillars in their cocoons as not a lot seemed to be happening and they weren't moving very much! But just 1 hour later something strange started happening surprise..... 

Take a look for yourselves! 



What do you think is happening? 

How has the caterpillar changed? How is it different? 

What can you see? What do you notice? cool

I wonder what Mrs Wilson will need to do to keep them alive and healthy...


In other news, Mrs McCarron and her cat Sushi have been attempting to do some yoga. Sushi seems to be finding it a bit easier than Mrs McCarron! Have you done some exercises this week? Have you gone for a walk or played in the garden? 

Can't wait to hear from you laugh

Lots of love

The Nursery Team 


sushi yoga
cocoon1cocoon2alfie butterfly

Home Learning Caterpillar Challenge: 

Draw a picture of what has happened and label it with the sounds that you know. Email it to nursery@dovecote.school and you will receive a special badge on Marvellous Me! 

VID-20200403-WA0011.mp4butterfly applemrs mccarron yoga

Thursday March 26th

Hi Owls and Robins! 

We hope you are keeping yourselves busy with some of our home learning ideas. We would love to know what you are getting up to so please do email at nursery@dovecote.school

What stories have you been reading? Have you done any cooking or baking? Have you done some exercises or helped around the house? What games have you played?

If you have any photos of things you have made or activities you have done that you would like putting on the Nursery Website page email them over! 

Mrs McCarron had a go at making some banana and blueberry muffins. Although she forgot to put the eggs in the mix,  they still came out delicious! Phew! 

Mrs Wilson was the lucky member of staff who got to take the caterpillars home to look after them! Here is what she says...

" The caterpillars have been at my house for a week or so now. I think they've liked it here as they grew so long. After a few days they started to make their cocoons, there was lots of shaking and moving as they made them as they were getting used to their new home. Over the last few days they haven't moved much, but I think lots of things are happening inside! So looking forward to seeing the butterflies now!" 

Mrs Wilson has now moved the caterpillars in their cocoons from their little pot into the net casing. This is where they will stay until they emerge as butterflies! Can you see them hanging from the top? Can you draw a picture of them in their cocoon? Or a picture of what you think they will look like when they come out of their cocoon? Email it and we will put it on the website smiley


Miss Archer and Ollie have been busy name writing, sorting colours and paint printing patterns with potatoes! That's a lot of p-p-p-pirate!

ollie nameNiko1

Miss Woodward has been busy taking care of the newest member of her household. She has been learning how to look after her new puppy including what to feed him and how to train him to do tricks. His name is Niko and he will be able to go on his first walk soon!

Lots of Love 

The Nursery Team XXX

muffinscaterpillars1caterpillars2caterpillars3ollie colour sortollie printingNiko2
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