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We hope you find these pages useful during the school closure, it is by no means an exhaustive list, if you have your own ideas, games and activities get as creative as you like! The difficulty with Nursery is that all of their learning is ‘doing’ which will require some very hands on parenting as unfortunately we cannot send the Nursery home with them! The good thing is that as long as you are interacting with your child, speaking and listening to each other, your child will be learning new things each and every day! We cannot emphasise enough how important this is. We hope you find this to be a lovely opportunity to develop a closer relationship with your little one as you embark on this journey together. 

Explore the pages on the left in the menu or download the pack as one document at the bottom of this page.

If you have any queries whilst we are closed, would like some advice regarding how to further support your child at home or just want to let us know what you've been getting up to please email at:



We would love to hear from you smiley

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Daily Routine

If it helps you we suggest trying to follow a daily timetable that includes a range of activities such as:

Practise name writing- 10 minutes 

Physical activity- 30 minutes plus

Story time- 20 minutes

A Family game- 30 minutes

Singing- 20 minutes

Number Rhyme- 10 minutes

Playdough/ sensory play/fine motor play/mark making- 30 minutes plus

Helping around the house- 30 minutes

Playing outside if possible- 30 minutes plus

Thursday March 26th

Hi Owls and Robins! 

We hope you are keeping yourselves busy with some of our home learning ideas. We would love to know what you are getting up to so please do email at nursery@dovecote.school

What stories have you been reading? Have you done any cooking or baking? Have you done some exercises or helped around the house? What games have you played?

If you have any photos of things you have made or activities you have done that you would like putting on the Nursery Website page email them over! 

Mrs McCarron had a go at making some banana and blueberry muffins. Although she forgot to put the eggs in the mix,  they still came out delicious! Phew! 

Mrs Wilson was the lucky member of staff who got to take the caterpillars home to look after them! Here is what she says...

" The caterpillars have been at my house for a week or so now. I think they've liked it here as they grew so long. After a few days they started to make their cocoons, there was lots of shaking and moving as they made them as they were getting used to their new home. Over the last few days they haven't moved much, but I think lots of things are happening inside! So looking forward to seeing the butterflies now!" 

Mrs Wilson has now moved the caterpillars in their cocoons from their little pot into the net casing. This is where they will stay until they emerge as butterflies! Can you see them hanging from the top? Can you draw a picture of them in their cocoon? Or a picture of what you think they will look like when they come out of their cocoon? Email it and we will put it on the website smiley


Miss Archer and Ollie have been busy name writing, sorting colours and paint printing patterns with potatoes! That's a lot of p-p-p-pirate!

ollie nameNiko1

Miss Woodward has been busy taking care of the newest member of her household. She has been learning how to look after her new puppy including what to feed him and how to train him to do tricks. His name is Niko and he will be able to go on his first walk soon!

Lots of Love 

The Nursery Team XXX

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