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Hello In Spanish Clipart

I hope you are all well. There are many Spanish things for you to try to practise here – New songs as well as some old favourites. Can you translate and work out what I am telling you about my dog below? Then perhaps you can tell me about your pet.

You can also click on your own year group below to find more Spanish activities.

 As well as that, click the picture below for more interactive Spanish to practise. Start with stage 1 and see how you get on. Click on the coloured buttons. A stands for an activity, K is for knowledge (the teaching bit) and V is vocab audio, so you know how to pronounce the words. 

If you click on the link below, you will be able to hear a native speaker to help you with your pronunciation.


I really would love to know how you are getting on.

email at: mfl@dovecote.school por favour!

¡Mucha suerte! (good luck)


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Well done to Oliver in Y2 for sending me my first email with some work he did on the story Rubiales y los tres osos - Goldilocks and the three bears.smiley  

Oliver's work(1)


¡Hola! Está es mi perra. Se llama Betty. Tiene nueve años. Le gusta jugar en el jardín con sus juguetes. También le encanta caminar en el parque de Wollaton. Cada noche duerme en mi cama. Está es muy cariñosa. 

¿Tienes un animal? Enviarme una foto y decirme cómo se llama.

Email me at: mfl@dovecote.school                                                                  Señora Lawrence


Try this BBC supermovers song featuring some Spanish-speaking footballers to help you! https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/supermovers/ks1--ks2-mfl-spanish-greetings-with-ben-shires/zfksqp3






Favourite Spanish Action Songs

Here are some of your favourites: Please note, the videos below take a short while to load before playing. This is normal.

El Curcurucho

El Curcurucho.mp4

De Codin de Codan

De Codin de Codan.mp4

Debajo un Buton

Debajo un Buton.mp4

Cabeza, Hombros, Manos, Pies

Cabeza, Hombros, Mano, Pies.mp4

Si te sientes feliz

Si te Sientes Feliz.mp4

Los colores

Practise your colours with the colour song and then colour in the rainbow. There are three extra colours to know to complete the rainbow - naranja - orange, añil - indigo (bluey/purple) , violeta - purple


The colours song

colours song

To join in with this song go and find things of different colours you can hold up when the Spanish colour is being said. You will need something that is: blue, red,white, black, green and yellow.


Hola! Have a look at the new songs I have found above. Also practise counting to 10 in Spanish with Dora the explorer.

Year 1

Hola! I Have a look at the new songs I found above. Practise counting to 10 with Dora below. If we were at school we would be learning the names of some wild animals. See if you can match the word with the picture.



Year 2

¡Hola! Can you draw a picture from the traditional story we were looking at in Spanish? Perhaps you could label it with some of the Spanish words we were learning: Rubiales, Papa Oso, Mama osa, Bebe oso, La casa, el bosque. I would love to see your work. You could ask your grown up to take a picture and email it to: mfl@dovecote.school

Year 3

¡Hola! If we were at school it would be your turn for Spanish this half term! So we are going to start with some animal names. Some you will know and some will be new ones. Have a look at the PowerPoint below and see if you can learn all the names! 

Year 4

¡Hola! Remember we were looking at formas y colores? Have a look at the PowerPoint below and create and label your own picture. 

Year 5

I hope you have had a good Easter year 5. If we were at school, it would be your turn for Spanish. This half term our topic would be music and musical instruments. We would be practising giving opinions.

Have a look at this PowerPoint and remind yourself of how to say if you like something or not.

You will notice that it can change if you are talking about plurals (more than one thing). Then as an introduction to the music topic there are 5 different Spanish music bits to listen. Then choose one and practise saying which one you prefer.

¡Mucha suerte! (good luck) 

Year 6

Hola! Remember you are learning French now! Check out the French activities under home learning/ languages. Or of course you can refresh your Spanish memory by trying any of the activities on this page.

Mi Vida Loca - My crazy life

Years 5 and 6, do you remember this? Find the episode we got up to and watch it all the way through, obviously practising your Spanish as you go!  http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/mividalocaMi Vida Loca logo

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