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Thursday February 11th


Good Morning children, 

I hope you are all enjoying the snow and keeping warm and safe - We have had some very cold temperatures in Nottingham and some of my plants have not enjoyed it! Unfortunately, I left the sweet pea seedlings out overnight last night (if you remember I told you last week that they can be outside the day but need to come inside for the night, well last night I just forgot surprise). Some of them look very wilted and I am not sure they will recover, but I will keep fingers crossed and hope that at least some of them survive. 

If you watch the videos below, you will see that I have been into school very briefly to have a little look round and check that the garden is ok. We will definitely need some hard work once we are back to make up for missed weeks and get rid of all the weeds! Year 2 children will be able to see that thier bulbs have just started to grow. Year 4 children will be able to see how the small trees we planted before Christmas (to form a wildlife hedge) are getting on. 

I hope you enjoy a break over half term , remember to keep looking at nature and plants wherever you are - at this time of year changes happen over just a few days.

Mrs Mitchell smiley




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