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Butterfly House

Welcome to the Butterfly House page!

On this page, you will find ideas for practical activities you can do using objects found in your home. Please feel free to use this page, even if your child doesn't access Butterfly House in school. 

Daily Activities

  • Name writing
  • Reading 
  • Practise tying shoe laces
  • Practise fastening buttons and zips

More Activities

Are you up for a challenge?

Can you complete some of the challenges below using Lego?


Here are some sensory activities you could try with your grown ups at home.


Wellbeing and Mindfulness Activities

It is really important to be mindful of how we and others are feeling, now more than ever. Below are some activities that promote wellbeing and mindfulness.


Mindfulness Challenge Cards

Yoga Cards

The Gratitude Game_ Pick-Up Sticks(2)
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THINK | word art prints - word art app
Learn about Emotions with Build-a-Face Story Stones(1)
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