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Butterfly House Home Learning

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well and keeping safe at home. Here are a few activities you may like to do to keep you busy:

  • Letter/number formation (some children find it easier to trace over a yellow pen or pencil)
  • Reading/story time
  • Name writing
  • Act out your favourite story
  • Physical activities - head, shoulders, knees and toes, animal movements, play games with a ball, practice your balancing.
  • Practice fastening the buttons and zips on your clothing and laces on your shoes.

Why not try one of these..

Science at home..

There are lots of fun science experiments that you could try using items found in your home! Have a go at some of the experiments below.

Miss Glover has got some exciting visitors staying at her house for a while! Watch the video to find out more..

Caterpillar video 1

UPDATE - Day 6 with Miss Glover's visitors..

Caterpillar update 1.mp4

UPDATE - Day 13 with Miss Glover's visitors..

Caterpillar update 2.mp4

UPDATE - Day 18 with Miss Glover's visitors..


The caterpillars are in their new home and ready to become butterflies in the next 7-14 days.

UPDATE - Day 20 with Miss Glover's visitors..

Caterpillar update 4.mp4

Here are a few other activities you may like to try at home:

Helping your grown ups at home

Encouraging children to help out around the house can allow them to become more independent and gives them a sense of achievement. Tidying away helps with listening and attention skills as they are following instructions. Matching odd socks can help with Maths development. Watering flowers and plants can help with Science development. Helping with the sweeping up or hoovering is really good gross motor practice and can help build up arm muscle strength.

What has Miss Baverstock been up to?


I have been making sure I still get my exercise whilst staying safe at home. One of the places I have visited for a walk this week is Holme Pierrepont.


I have also been colouring in my Harry Potter colouring book. It helps me to relax and keeps my mind busy. Have you been practising your colouring at home?


I have done lots of reading whilst staying safe at home. I have finished reading all of the books of my book shelf, so I decided to read all of the Harry Potter books again. I haven't read them since I was a little girl!

Mrs Yates' Summer half term 2020.

Hi all, I really hope that you have had a lovely, relaxing half term and enjoyed the glorious summer weather. I hope that you all managed to get out in your back garden or even a walk somewhere.

My half term started off by camping in the back garden. The night started off being really nice and warm but by the early hours of the morning it got a little cooler. Good job we were nice and warm in our sleeping bags. Before we went in the tent we had a bbq and then we made some smores. Smores are marshmellows that are melted and placed between two biscuits. Its even better if you have chocolate biscuits as the chocolate melts and you end up with it all over your mouth and nose. lol

We took our three children fishing in Wymeswold where we fished on a lake for the first time. Our children caught lots of big fish called common and mirror carp. It was a lovely experience for them to reel in some big fish. As it was very hot we had to use lots of suncream to stop us from getting burnt. We also had a lovely picnic. Its a good job that we have a cool box otherwise our sandwiches would have been very warm.

Our half term wouldn't be the same without taking our dog, Roxy for a longer than usual walk. We walked all of the way around Attenborough Nature Reserve and enjoyed a lovely stroll around the grounds of Wollaton Park. We walked were had never been before so it was like a little adventure for us.

Hope to see you all very soon.

Mrs Yates


camping fish
camping fishing 2(1)
camping fishing 3(1)
camping fishing 4

What has Mrs Roberts been up to?

 Hi everyone,

I hope you're all keeping well and staying safe. Are you getting on with some school work? There are lots of different activities on the school website, we'd love to see what you have done. I've been working from home too. I found it tricky to get into a routine, but I do some work every day. I've also worked in school and it's nice to see the children there. On the nice sunny days, I like to go in my garden or out for a walk.


I also like to read. This is the book im reading now.

From Mrs Roberts


What has Miss Brooks been up to?

Miss Brooks has been getting creative painting pictures on stones with nail varnish. Can you work out what the pictures are? Maybe you could have a go and send us your pictures to put on the website.

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