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The day the animals came to play

We were very lucky this week, as we had a visit from the lovely people from White Post farm. They brought a variety of animals for the children to see.


The day the animals came to play.

Reception make (and taste) their own Robin Hood bread

As part of our Robin Hood - Summer Survival topic, the children in Reception made their very own Robin Hood bread. They looked at the ingredients needed to make the bread, help to knead the dough and finally watched over it as it baked. Of course, the best part of the day, was the grand tasting of the bread, which got a thumbs up from everyone.

Robin Hood comes to Dovecote.

We had a very special guest visit us in Reception today!

None other than Robin Hood! The brave and gallant hero from Sherwood Forest, along with the beautiful and highly intelligent Maid Marion.

They came to tell the us all about life in the forest. Robin explained how he had left his pleasant life as an Earl, along with the luxuries that money provides, to become the swashbuckling hero of the people, who stole from the rich to give to the poor.

Maid Marion explained to the children that the mean Prince John and the evil Sheriff of Nottingham had been taxing the poor people of Nottingham far too much.

In the meantime, the dastardly Sheriff had tracked Robin and Marion to the Duck's class, forcing our heroes to flee next door to the Peacocks’ class. The children managed to delay the evil Sheriff by confusing him, telling him that Robin and Marion had gone this way, that way, everyway but where they had gone.

As the Sheriff continued to search, unsuccessfully, Marion and Robin visited the Peacocks. This time they told the children to listen out for the evil Sheriff .  Marion regaled the children with tales from the forest.  Suddenly the peace was shattered as the evil sheriff blundered into the Peacocks' class. Once again, the brave and valiant children protected Robin and Marion, by keeping the evil sheriff from searching any further.

Due to the quick thinking and can do attitude of the wonderful children in the Ducks and Peacocks, our brave heroes managed to escape the clutches of the evil sheriff, and we received word that they had survived their experience at Dovecote and had made it safely back their hideout in Sherwood forest.

Reception experience their own Bonfire Night

On the 5th November, Reception experienced bonfire night from the comfort of our own outside area!  We learnt about fire safety, and how to stay safe around fireworks and sparklers. We enjoyed singing campfire songs and topped off the fun with cocoa.

Rewards for the Reception children

Reception children in the Whales class have worked really hard this half-term and filled their marble jar.  They chose to bring in their bikes and scooters for their reward and had a great time!


(RSN) had a great time dressing up for Children in Need!

Storm Barney brought lots of wind and rain.  We made the most of the puddles and sailed paper boats. Reception children had lots of fun getting their boats across the puddles and then trying to make their own boats out of cardboard and plastic boxes. We even had a kite!

We have been very busy in Reception. The children have settled into their new classes really well, learning new routines, making new friends and being at school the whole day! Some have had crafty forty winks in the afternoon. We are really proud of the way they have adapted and feel that all our transition work in July helped to contribute to this relatively smooth start.

Making Diwali lamps from clay:

Dinosaur eggs in the sandpit!

This past half term, we have been working on a series of short topics. Some of the topics were selected by the children themselves.

When we came back after half term, we discovered a nest in our sandpit. Whose could it be?

We looked after the eggs very well and because we thought it might be from a dinosaur, we looked at books about dinosaurs and watched programs on the internet to find out more information.

Andy (from Cbeebies) took us on his Dinosaur Adventures. We enjoyed playing his games on the computer. We used all our knowledge of dinosaurs to create salt dough impressions of dinosaurs and we made a dinosaur landscape for our small world area.

Our next short topic was ‘African Animals’. We found out about the animals and looked at what they ate, and learned a little about Africa in general.  Aaron’s dad came in to talk to the children about Kenya. He taught us some Swahili and shared the Kenyan snack, Madazi, with us. It was yummy.

Our third topic was ‘Pets’. A lot of children brought in items from their pets. Mrs Watson showed us her bearded dragon and told us how to look after this animal. We also looked at a puppy (and some of us got a little lick!).

Then we moved on to our short topic of ‘Healthy Living’ and we had a real breakfast with all the children. Most of the children came in their pyjamas and with great smiles on their faces.

Our last week of the term was addressed to ‘Easter’. We learned about the religious meaning and enjoyed the Easter activities in the school and in class.

Lots of typical, topical fun


Welcome to our new pouring and filling station:

To find out more about Reception, download our Reception Booklet.

Have fun learning by singing! Your child will enjoy learning or revising his/ her phonics. See the Jolly Phonics Dovecote Song Book for ideas.

You can find out more about our aims in the Early Years on our Vision and Aims page.

Reception Booklet

Visit from the Fire Service

Reception had a visit from the Fire Service in October.  We learnt about how to stay safe, the importance of smoke alarms and how fire fighters help us. 


They came to talk to us in the classroom and the children were able to try on the clothes and see the equipment that the fire fighters use. We also had the opportunity to explore a fire engine!


Year 1

Year 2

Newstead Abbey Camp 2017

Happy campers

Last week Year 2 had a fantastic time camping at Newstead Abbey. To see what we got up to and view our lovely photos, see our special Newstead Abbey Camp page.


Year 2 Autumn Term

Our theme this half term is based on getting to know more about ourselves and each other and where we live. We will listen to, read and retell a range of stories which are set in everyday situations. ‘On the Way Home’ by Jill Murphy is our book of the term. 

Autumn term – See the light

Book - The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark 


We read about how Plop the barn owl managed to conquer his fear of the dark with the help of some special friends.

Nottingham Wildlife Trust Visit

Lyn Victor from the Nottingham Wildlife Trust brought in some Pipistrelle bats to help us learn about the life of these fascinating creatures. The children were all amazed at how small the bats were up close. They found out about their habitats, diet and special features such as echolocation.


Well done for being so brave and conquering your fear of bats Conner!


Spring1 – Pirates Ahoy!

Book – The Night Pirates 


Year 2 read stories about imaginary pirates and found out about pirates that actually lived, such as Blackbeard and Captain William Kidd. They learned what it was like to live on board a ship for long stretches of time and had a go at making some pirate delicacies! These were rotten, weevil ridden hard tack biscuits and the ‘throw it all in’ favourite, Salmagundi. Master chefs; Keane and Wyatt learned how to chop salad vegetables with a sharp knife.  

Our topic ended with a day of pirate fun. We had a treasure hunt and earned some real life treasure after solving the riddles. Thank you to all the parents who helped with the costumes. The children looked the part but hopefully weren’t too frightening for the Nursery children when they sang their favourite song, ‘What shall we do with the drunken sailor’.   


Bryson talked the children through some of the amazing images of deep space taken by the Hubble telescope and answered questions for us. 

During the school day the children followed instructions to make tomato soup which we sampled whilst using binoculars to look for stars. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite dark enough but we did get a glimpse of the moon!


In Science we will be finding out how we can stay fit and healthy. In addition to basic maths skills your child will learn how to measure  accurately in centimetres and compare measurements such as height, shoe size and hand spans. 

Class Letters

Year 2 Newsletters

Year 5

Boudica's Battle Cry

Boudica’s Battle Cry.

The children in the Golden Eagles and the Phoenixes have been working on using persuasive techniques in their writing. They have produced some inspiring and motivational speeches that are linked with our Romans and Celts topic. How do they make you feel?


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Night Walk

On Wednesday 29th March, more than 50 Year 5 pupils and their parents/brothers/sisters took part in the 1st of 3 Night Walks arranged by Ignite (who helped us open lab_13). We were met by artists, scientists and a park ranger who all helped the children to explore Rushcliffe Country Park as the wildlife were settling down for the night. It was a great success and we look forward to the Summer Night Walk.

Year 5 and 6 Achievers Assembly.

Notts County Vist

The children of Dovecote Primary in year 5 were invited down to Notts County FC as part of the ongoing work the two establishments are doing together. They were treated to a tour round the stadium and facilities with Les Bradd, NCFC’s highest ever goal scorer!!! They were able to build on and add long lasting value to the work they had already done on their local history project studying NCFC. We would like to say thank you to all the staff that helped and were so informative and engaging.



Picture for scratch


We will use Scratch to enable children to develop their understanding of technology in a fun and exciting way – the children will learn to create their own computer games by the end of the programme. We will send simple worksheets home to support this and for you to see what your child has been learning.

Year 5 Letters


World Book Day.

World Book Day

The children in year 5 have created these green scene productions using IPads so they could become their favourite book characters on World Book Day. We all had a great time celebrating reading and books. 

The Lion and the Unicorn

Year 5


This term, Year 5 will begin to study the causes that led up to and events that occurred during World War 2. We will investigate how children were evacuated out of cities and into the countryside during the Blitz and we shall also be learning about the Holocaust.

We will be using the books ‘The Lion and The Unicorn’ by Shirley Hughes, ‘Star of Fear, Star of Hope’ by Jo Hoesstlandt and ‘Otto: The autobiography of a Teddy Bear’ by Tomi Ungerer as vehicles to explore this historical time. We will continue to use drama and role-play to enhance the children’s understanding, particularly to aid their writing. Our first writing project will be a descriptive account of an evacuee emerging from their Anderson shelter and finding their house/neighbourhood in ruins due to the Blitz. Following this, we will be creating an autobiography from the point of view of a child’s toy involved in the Holocaust. You can assist your child by focusing on varying their use of simple, compound and complex sentences in their writing. We will also include a spelling list with this newsletter.

Year 6


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