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In Harmony

About In Harmony

‘In Harmony’ is a social and music education programme that has been running in our school for 18 months.  It uses music to bring positive change to the lives of children, delivering benefits across the wider community. The programme encourages participation in music – in the form of the symphony orchestra – which can have huge personal benefits for the children involved, providing opportunities to grow and develop, both socially and musically.

Children are taught musical instruments by music leaders and they are then brought into full scale orchestras and encouraged to play live in front of audiences from an early stage. We were selected as one of only four schools in Nottingham City to take part in this programme.

Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 currently all have the opportunity to learn how to play either a trumpet or a trombone taught on a weekly basis by teachers from the Nottingham Music service and a professional musician, as well as music students from Nottingham University. As well as the weekly class lessons, every Friday afternoon the children come together to play as a small orchestra. 

Family Orchestra Day Sunday 2nd November

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In Harmony Concerts

The children have participated in 4 exciting events since Christmas!

In January they played a concert at the Albert Hall for guests at the North of England Education Conference! The children played Dvorak’s  ‘New World Symphony’  Carlos Santana’s  “Oye Como Va”  and “When the Saints go Marching in” The whole concert was a spectacular success that earned the children many plaudits from the audience .A particular highlight was the ‘Largo’ section from the New World Symphony played by the Year 5 and 6 Gifted and Talented group.

On March 1st. 15 children gave up their Saturday to perform at a Governor’s conference in town. We received many comments regarding the quality of the playing and the children’s attitude and conduct was, as ever, exemplary!

On March 27th 60 children and 6 staff took part in a concert at the Albert Hall, this time for parents.  The opening rendition of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, complete with dramatic entrance and smoke machine was the most spectacular musical performance from Primary school children that any of us could remember! The children also played Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Oye Como Va and We Will Rock You – all to thunderous applause!  An elite group of children from Year 5 and 6 also gave a completely note perfect performance of ‘Happy’ that will live long in the memory of anyone lucky enough to have heard it

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