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SALLEY - Success For All In The Early Years

Welcome on board a fantastic learning journey with your ‘little person’ at Dovecote Primary school!


‘SALLEY’ is a great experience at Dovecote. We would like you to have the chance to get to know our school and also to celebrate the fact that you are your child’s most important teacher during their childhood.  The joint sessions will focus on helping you to understand all about how your child will learn and develop when they come to the nursery at Dovecote and how you can help to prepare them. There will also be a chance for your child to spend time in the nursery getting to know the staff and the routines, ready for when they start in the nursery after their 3rd birthday.  

During the Tuesday session, which is for parents and children, you will be

  • Returning to school for 10.30am to join your child in a joint session.
  • Meeting other parents and children who will be starting nursery at Dovecote.
  • Having a tour of the school and meeting staff.
  • Finding out about how you can support your child's transition into the nursery.
  • Doing fun play-based activities with your child.
  • Giving your child a chance to have a ‘taster’ of our nursery setting, to get to know the routines and the staff.
  • Discover how we approach the early years at Dovecote.

The other Thursday session is just for your child.  You will be able to drop them off and they will spend time in the nursery, supported by our specialist SALLEY staff.  S/he will have a chance to spread their wings, enjoy the activities which we offer and get to know the staff and children on his/her own.

We really hope that you will take up this fantastic free opportunity and get to:

  • Spend some lovely quality time together with your child.
  • Find out about lots of ideas of easy, cheap, fun things to do with your child which support their learning.
  • Meet new people...
  • Receive some freebies from the group!
  • ……have a generally fun and relaxing time!
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