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Year 5 (5AN & 5FE)

Mr Norris- a bold, northern gentlemen with the voice of an angel and the soul to match. His passion for music is what drives our school to provide children with a brilliant musical education. In Harmony tuition is lead by Mr Norris and his musician of the month award is as prestigious as it gets. His future- a school of children who have had the opportunity to play a musical instrument and maybe, just maybe, taking that into their future lives. 

Mr Ebling- an early life spent travelling as a youngster has left him with a longing for adventure. Where does that adventure come? Through books! As the school's English lead and reading specialist, his passions lie in striving to make every child see themselves as a reader. His future- every child with a book that they love and a door to adventure. 

Mrs Shaw- 

Mr Morgan-  

reading log

Either click the image above or click this link to access your child's reading log- https://dovecote.school/DovecoteReading.html

Climate Change- A Narnians' Hope for change

Climate Wars-1720.mp4

The books we use to anchor our learning through the year.

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shakespeareGood night_1080
explorer_1080boy at the back

Spelling Shed

The homework spellings can be accessed through Spelling Shed. If your child doesn't know thier login details, feel free to contact Mr Ebling, who is happy to get them a new one. 

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My Math

My Maths will be updated every Friday with new homework for the children. 

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Fairy tale comprehensions

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