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Welcome Back

We are really pleased with the start that the Ottos and Unicorns made at the start of the year and hope that this continues in this busy half term.


In maths, we will continue to build on place value understanding as well as improving the children’s reasoning skills when discussing maths. It is important that the children start to understand their times tables fluently as it is very important for the work we are doing. We will also be learning fractions, decimals and measures. We will continuing to use times table songs, which are practiced weekly. You can access these via the school website:


We welcome you to practice the songs at home with your children.

D & T

We will be using some of the understanding of last half terms science work in our D&T constructions this term. The children will be designing, making and evaluating their own stages. For this we ask that you send your child in with a shoe box to create theirs in.


History this term will focus on the monarchs who ruled Britain during the life of William Shakespeare as well as some important events during the Golden Age of Britain.

Religious education

This term we will begin our religious education and we will start with the life of Jesus and his role in Christianity. This will allow us to study good role models in our lives.


This term, Year 5 will be immersed into the bloodthirsty and chaotic world of ‘Macbeth’, a brilliant play by William Shakespeare. Children will have plenty of opportunities to act out scenes of the play, take part in drama, and role-play different characters they meet. They will also write their own play script, as well as create their own graphic novel and produce some poetry. Some of the books we will use to support their learning of Macbeth are Mr William Shakespeare’s plays By Marcia Williams, Macbeth: A Shakespeare story by Andrew Matthews and Manga Shakespeare: Macbeth Illustrated by Robert Deas. To support your child we would love you to encourage them to practice their spellings using their homework books and read with and to them as much as you can. We are really excited about the prospect of professional actors and actresses giving the children some lessons on being a good performer.

In Harmony

In Harmony sessions will be continuing and children are very welcome to attend Area Band (those that come are automatically entered into Mr Norris’ musician of the month award). We will in part be practicing for Christmas productions during In Harmony times so it is important that they always have their instruments in school.


PE is on a Tuesday and Wednesday and the expectation is that the children have the appropriate kit. On a Tuesday, the children will be doing yoga.


Art will focus on printmaking and the children will use various objects to create printing stencils.

What can you do to support your child’s learning?

1) Listen to them read and read to them. Ask them questions about what they have read or heard and make predictions of what they think might happen in the story.

2) Encourage them to use Mathletics. (and look at the 4 operations)

3) Help your child continue to learn their times tables. Using the songs would be a brilliant way to do this.

4) Encourage your children to explore the world around them and see what they can make using items that they find.

5) Children could create a fact file about William Shakespeare to complement their learning in school.


Thank you very much

Ms Barton, Miss Whittington and Mr Ebling

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