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Welcome Back

Welcome back! We hope you have had a wonderful school holiday and have been up to lots of exciting things.


In maths, we will begin to reinforce place value principals and a deeper understanding of the 4 main operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We will also be learning fractions, decimals and geometry. We will be introducing times table songs, which will be practiced weekly. You can access these via the school website:


We welcome you to practice the songs at home with your children.

D & T

We will learn about levers, gears and pulleys in science. These aspects will be linked with our topic when we do our D&T work to build bridges, catapults and other tools used in medieval times. The children will be using the environment around them to create art during this term. We will be looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and how he creates art work with natural materials to inspire us.


This term, Year 5 will be delving into Sherwood Forest as we investigate the legend that is Robin Hood. We will learn all about this worldwide superstar that lived right on our doorsteps as we study english, history, geography, science and design & technology. We will use Michael Morpurgo’s fantastic short novel ‘Outlaw’ and Marcia William’s comic strips of Robin Hood’s adventures to help us with our understanding of this period in history. We will also be making a visit to Sherwood Forest where the children will step back in time and meet some of their favourite characters through role-play and archaeology.

In Harmony

In Harmony sessions will be continuing and children are very welcome to attend Area Band (those that come are automatically entered into Mr Norris’ musician of the month award).


PE is on a Wednesday and the expectation is that the children have the appropriate kit. PE will be led by Commando Joe this year and we are very excited to be taking part in the team building exercises they bring to these sessions.

What can you do to support your child’s learning?

1) Listen to them read. Encourage them to create story maps for the stories they read.

2) Encourage them to use Mathletics. (and look at the 4 operations)

3) Help your child continue to learn their times tables. Using the songs would be a brilliant way to do this.

4) Encourage your children to explore the world around them and see what they can make using items that they find.

Thank you very much

Ms Barton Mr Ebling

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