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Reading and Spelling

We are now half way through the school year and progress across the curriculum continues to improve. Reading test and spelling test results are steadily improving and the children are beginning to grasp the 4 main operations in maths. Work still needs to be done on attitudes to learning and being ready for learning.


In maths, we are working hard to learn multiplication and division methods (bus stop, grid, long and short). It is therefore really important that the children continue to understand their times tables fluently as it is very important in all aspects of maths. We will also be learning more about fractions and decimals. We are still using the times table songs, which are practiced weekly. You can access these via the school website:


We welcome you to practice the songs at home with your children. Don’t forget that your child can now access My Maths to support their maths learning.

This terms curriculum

This term we will study geographical features such as hemispheres, polar regions and the animals that might inhabit these areas. We hope this will be stimulated by our trip to the Sealife Centre where we will be looking at species that could be found in these regions. Our art focus this term will be Japanese art styles. We have already made Koi Karp Kites – take a look in the corridor! Science will focus on materials, mixtures and solutions. We will look at Buddhism in R.E and the life of the founder – Siddartha Gautama (Buddha).In Harmony sessions will be continuing and children are very welcome to attend Area Band, it is important that they always have their instruments in school. PE is on a Tuesday and Wednesday and the expectation is that the children have the appropriate kit. On a Tuesday, the children will be learning how to dance in a Bollywood style… we might even film the finished pieces.

Kensuke’s Kingdom

We will continue to base our writing and themes on ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. We are focusing very much on adding detailed descriptions to our work using carefully chosen nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. We are also thinking about how we can refer to the senses in writing. In grammar, we continue to work towards improved sentence structures using phrases, clauses and a greater range of punctuation. Spellings have been sent home (if your child has brought their selling homework book in they will be in there)– some of these are related to our topics. Please encourage your child to learn a few each week.


It would be great if you could regularly listen to your child read and discuss themes, sentence structures, language and content with them. We have attached some helpful ‘Eddy Explain’ questions that you could use to talk to your child about their reading book.

What can you do to support your child’s learning?

1) Listen to them read and read to them. Ask them questions about what they have read or heard and make predictions of what they think might happen in the story.

2) Encourage them to talk about the VIPERS dogs which we use in ‘shared reading’.


3) Help your child continue to learn their times tables. Using the songs would be a brilliant way to do this.

Thank you very much

Ms Barton, Miss Whittington and Mr Ebling

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