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Year 4 (4AN & 4RG)


Hello and welcome to Year 4. It is always exciting to start another academic year and we are all really looking forward to the months ahead!


Just as last year, the children will be taking home a set of 20 spellings each half term to practise and learn. This was very successful last year so the more support you can give us with that the better. Going through those words with them at least once a week could make a huge difference to your child’s writing.


‘Mathletics’ is also something that made a really positive difference last year and we want to encourage again this time. We will start the year by having a push on the children’s understanding of place value and the number system so if they are on Mathletics at home it would be great if you
could steer them in that direction. Also with a maths theme, this year we are introducing a set of Times Table songs to help the children with their multiplication. They are all on the school’s
website and unbelievably catchy. The children will be singing them a lot in school and I am sure they would love to sing them at home as well!

Commando Joe

This year both Year 4 classes will have sessions with Commando Joe.
These will take place on a Thursday morning so it is very important
that PE kit be in on those days. Both classes will also have PE on
Tuesday mornings so they will need PE kit in on those days as well.

Firework Makers Daughter

We are going to start this year by reading the children Phillip Pullman’s ‘Firework Maker’s Daughter’. This is a really exciting story, set in South East Asia and involving talking elephants, tigers, pirates, volcanos, demons and, of course, fireworks. It is a great story to read anyway but it will also form the basis of all our English and Topic work for the next couple of months.

We are looking to organise a trip linked in with this topic. We will hopefully have that finalised in the next couple of weeks and get the details to you as soon as we can.


The children should be taking home a reading book by the end of the first week. Again, it would be brilliant if you could hear the children read at home. Both classes will be visiting the school library weekly so the children should have a good variety of books to look at.

In harmony

As the children enter Year 4, they will become more involved in the ‘In harmony’ project. This is something they have encountered in Year 3 but now things step up a bit as they start to learn a brass instrument. As the year goes on, they will even be allowed to take that instrument home to show you what they have learned. As the year goes on there will be various opportunities for the children to get involved in ‘In
Harmony’ events and for you to come and hear them play.
More details of those nearer the time.

Thank you!

It was great to meet so many parents at the evening back in the summer term. We are always available at the year3/4 door at the end of the day so if there any questions or queries, or you would simply just to like to say hello, please feel free to do so – you will always be welcome!
Looking forward to a great year ahead!
Mr Norris, Miss Glover and Mr Harding

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