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Year 4 (4AN & 4RG)

This term

This term we are going to carry on looking at Space. We are going to look at a number of fiction titles set in space and use those to inspire our writing. We are going to learn more about some of the science of space: Meteorites, asteroids, eclipses and night and day.


Thank you so much do those who continue to support the children’s learning by working with them at home.  The spelling scores have rocketed this term and must be down to the children taking the time and pride to learn those spellings (as well as fab teaching, obviously!). The children should now have come home with another 20 words that they will be tested on the first week back after Easter.


As you are probably now aware the school has decided to cancel its Mathletics contract for reasons of cost.  We are trying instead a new company called ‘My Maths’. The children will be issued with login details in the next couple of weeks and can start having a go at home.

Commando Joe

Commando Joe continues to work with the children on a Thursday morning so please ensure the children have PE kit for that.

World Book Day

The World Book day we actually managed was great!!  The children all looked superb!  Thank you for your efforts there!


Thank you -on behalf of everyone – for the way the Kingswood situation was dealt with!  It was clearly the right decision and hopefully you all have the new date by now!

Any questions?

As always we both remain happy to see anyone at any point with any questions, queries or grumbles!!

Thank you very much

Mr Norris and Mr Harding


Half way through the term we are going to switch topics and start looking at the Ancient Greeks. This is a very exciting topic with a whole range of exciting stories for the children to be inspired by.


Thank you, as well, to all the parents who manage to find time to hear their children read. Again, it can make such a difference. We are having a big push this term on ‘Shared Reading’ – the whole class reading a text together and teaching children the skills of understanding what they are reading in greater depth.  If you are getting a chance to hear the children read and can ask a few questions about the texts – what is happening, how the characters are feeling etc. – it would be highly beneficial.

In harmony

Thank you so much to those of you who are supporting the In Harmony project by allowing your children to attend Area Band. The response has been amazing and I am thrilled by the enjoyment these children are clearly getting from the musical education. A special well done to those children who played at the Area Band concert just before Half Term. It was lovely to see how far those children have come in such a short space of time.

Notts County

We are lucky to continue to have the opportunity to work with Notts County on Tuesday Afternoons, so the children will need their PE kit then as well.

The Great Orchestra Experiment

There will be two musical events for your children to take part in in the next few weeks. We will be taking some children into the city to take part in an experience called “The Great Orchestra Experiment”. A letter will go out about that at the start of next week. There was also the ‘Project Royal’ singing event last week which a large number of the children took part in a was a big success.

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