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Year 3 (3TS & 3AY)

Welcome Back (What's the Big Idea?)

We hope you all had a good holiday and are now all refreshed and ready for the start of this year. 

During the year we will be looking at 'Big Ideas' which starts off during the Autumn term with Exploring the wider world and Environment, Recycling / Pollution.
During the Spring term, we will be looking at Friendships / Accepting others and Journeys.
We finish our Summer term by looking at Acceptance, Awareness and Celebrating differences, followed by Healthy living.

Educational Trips and Visits

During this year, we have several visits and trips planned, which include Build a Bear, St Mary's Church, Jewellery making, Viking experience, the snow dome and some cooking activities and picnic.
More details regarding each of these will be provided via MarvellousMe nearer the time.


Each week your child will have a set of words to learn and remember. Please do spend just 5 minutes a day going over their spellings with them


Books this Year

Our focus book this half term is a story called …and Tango makes Three.

This is a lovely book based on some real-life penguins who once lived in Central Park Zoo. We will be using the book as a basis for our PSHE work which will focus on families and relationships.
We will also use the book as a starting point to learning more about penguins and how they are adapted to life in the freezing conditions of the Antarctic.

We will be writing our own mini information book about penguins and also creating posters and fact files. We will be looking carefully at instructions and writing our own.

In Science, we will be learning more about different types of rock and how they are formed. We will look at fossils and gemstones and even have a go at making some simple bracelets and keyrings.

P.E. & Swimming

Both classes will be doing P.E. every Tuesday, this term. Please, could you ensure that they have their bags each week?

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