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Year 2 (2LM & 2LB)

Easter activities

Dovecote’s usual Easter activities will take place in the final few days of term.

Letters will follow.

Spring challenge

Our homework challenge this term is to find out about an explorer of your choice. We would like the children to get creative and produce this homework in any form.  It could be a poster full of facts that have been researched or any form of artwork. Just help your child to think imaginatively! Your children really enjoy sharing their work with their friends and will earn house points for their efforts.


Our Tuesday P.E. sessions we be dance based this term. Please make sure your child has a kit in school which is labelled. If your child wears errings you must provide plasters to cover them or the children must be able to remove them on their own.

Reading & Spellings

There is much more of an emphasis on comprehension now in Year 2. Can your child find the answers to your questions using the text? Refer to our reading dogs to help with understanding these skills, e.g. Retrieval Rex, Izzy Infer and Eddy Explain. Please ask if you would like more information about this.


This term’s theme follows on from our work on pirates and involves learning about famous explorers. We will find out about the lives of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong and then compare their missions.






Please reinforce our work on fractions at home when the opportunity arises, e.g. recipes in baking and sharing food or sweets. Don’t forget to use the MyMaths website to complete the maths homework each week. Please ask if you need help with this.


This half term we will also complete a unit of work based on Sikhism. The children will learn about Sikh customs and celebrations and will visit a local   Gurdwara, a Sikh place of worship.               Details are yet to be confirmed.

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