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Spring Term 1

** If you are looking for Year 1 Home Learning please follow this link here or click on the tab at the side labelled 'Home Learning' and then 'Year 1', **

Hello to all children and families of pupils in Year 1. We hope you all had a very enjoyable, safe and happy Chirstmas break together. We are all very exctied about the learning we shall be doing during the spring term together. smiley


Our New Topic Book is:

This half term we shall be learning all about:

  • Oceans and the sea creautres that live in them
  • Water: the weather including rain and snow, and also freezing and melting water.
  • Looking after our environment: Looking after our oceans, plastic and recycling and saving water. 

If you would like to make a start on our topic, you could begin by finding out more about different sea creatures. Which is your favourite sea creature? You could try drawing a pciture of them. Remember to send in anything you do to: year1@dovecote.school

Contact Us

If you have any queries or need to contact the year 1 staff for any reason, you can email us at:


Spelling Shed

Spellings are set weekly on a Friday and we award housepoints to all the children who use the site. 

Please contact us if you don't know your login and password.

Spelling shed(2)

My Maths

My Maths homework is set weekly and we award housepoints to everyone who has a go.

Please contact us if you need a reminder of your password and login. 



Phonics teaches children important skills so that they can learn to read and write. 

With phonics children learn to recognise sounds that letters make, and how to blend these to read words. Read more about phonics in the document bleow.

There are some free online phonics games that you can play here.


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