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Year 1 - ( 1KR & 1AR)

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year One! We are really looking forward to getting to know you and doing lots of fantastic learning together this year. We’re going to have a lot of fun with our first topic: Superheroes!

Don’t forget…

  • PE is on Mondays. Your child will need a PE kit with shorts, t-shirt and plimsolls. Please make sure each item (PE kit and uniform!) is clearly named so that we can attempt to re-unite lost items with your child!

Learning in Year 1

Learning in Year One in the autumn term will be similar to what children experienced in their Reception class; there will be lots of opportunities for the children to learn through play as well as developing their independence at having a go at teacher directed tasks. School begins at 8.45, to help children settle parents and carers are asked to say goodbye to children at the doors. Once children are in their classrooms they will have a fun learning activity to have a go at to wake their brains up ready to start the day! At home time, children are collected from their classrooms. At this time, class teachers will be available to talk to and answer any questions that you may have.


Week 1

During this week we shall be settling in to our routines and getting to know each other. We shall also kick start our superheroes topic by reading Supertato.

Week 2

This week we shall continue thinking about our book Supertato. We will learn about the different fruits and vegetables in the books, including where they come from and how eating these foods can keep us healthy. We will even try some healthy recipes. We shall also begin thinking about where these foods come from using maps and globes to help us.

Week 3

This week we shall read Charlie’s Superhero Underpants. We will start thinking about real life superheroes. This will include learning about our bodies and the super things they can do, including investigating using our 5 senses.

Week 4

This week we will continue thinking about real life superheroes, this time focusing on animals and learning about the super things they can do. We will learn to name and identify a variety of common animals including types of fish, birds, reptiles and mammals.

Week 5

Following on from reading Charlie’s Superhero Underpants, we will use our design and technology skills to create our own superhero underpants. Through PSHE lessons we will think about how we can each be a superhero each day through how we act and the choices we make. We shall also begin thinking about the jobs that real life superheroes do (such as nurses, firefighters and police officers). We will also share the story ‘Super Daisy’.

Week 6

This week we will be reading Traction Man. As part of this we will learn about our local area by researching it and making observations. We will use this information to help us make maps.

Week 7

During this week we shall work on our own ways to say ‘thank you’ to the superheroes who help us each day in our lives. We shall work with the children to decide on things to make and create to show our appreciation for people who help us.


This term we will be learning greetings and instructions, numbers 1-20 and family words.


We shall learn about E-safety, including raising awareness of cyberbullying and e-stranger danger.

Reading – The more you practice, the better you get!

Reading really is one of the most important things that children learn when they are at school. The amount of extra practice they get at this has a huge impact on their progress and confidence at reading. Children will all each be given a reading book to take home and share. This book should be a book they can comfortably read so that they can focus on enjoying the book, and hopefully develop a love of reading! You can swap their reading book as many times as you like throughout the week, either ask your child to do so or help them to do so at the end of the day. Children will also be able to take home a story book from the classroom each week to share with an adult. We would love it if you could read the story to your child and talk about what happens. Thursday afternoons are focussed on reading, so this is when children will change their books.

Show & Tell

We love hearing about the children’s news and interests! Show and tell will begin in the next few weeks. This will be rotated to make sure everyone has a turn; however, children can request extra turns for special news!

WOW Moments

Tell us about your child’s ‘Wow!’ moments. We love to hear about your child’s special moments. Whether it is learning something new, taking part in something special outside of school, or being a superstar in anyway, we would love to hear about it! Look out for the ‘Wow!’ stars and hearts near the Year One notice board.

Wish List

We would love your recyclable materials for our making areas. Kitchen rolls, yoghurt pots, plastic takeaway tubs, bottle tops, small boxes would be very useful. Please make sure these are washed out first, thank you! Scraps of material, ribbon or wool are also really useful.

Upcoming events

During this term we plan on having a visit from some real life superheroes.

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