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Learning is Fun!

On this page you will see some of the fun learning we have been doing in Reception!

Making Boats, 1.7.21

This week, we made boats out of different materials.

We tested them to see how many stones they could hold before they sank.

Making Bridges, 2.7.21

We also built bridges and compared them to each other's.  We worked out who's was the longest and who's was the shortest.

Then we measured them and drew them.


This week, we learnt all about the Christian story of Easter.  We listened to the story of Jesus coming into Jerusalem on a donkey.  The people were so happy to see Jesus.  We thought about what makes us happy.

happy easter

Then we made our own palm leaves.  We had to fold the paper, draw a leaf shape, cut it out and then snip the edges.  We worked really hard!


Next we acted out the story.  We got to wave our palm leaves and make clip-clop donkey noises by knocking cups together.


We also had a special snack time and arranged the tables in a special way to help us learn about the Last Supper.


We found out that Jesus had washed his friends' feet which was kind.  We thought about ways in which we have been kind.

kind easter

Bonfire Celebrations! 6/11/20

This week, we found out about fire safety and firework safety.  We found out the best place to build a fire and made sure our fire was in a safe place.  We helped to build the bonfire, making sure we had our kindling in the middle and a secure structure.  We learnt that children should stay back from the fire and have grown-ups with them.


Mrs Norris lit the bonfire carefully and we listened to the crackle of the wood burn, watched the flames dance and embers spark, saw the smoke twist and turn, smelled the smoke and felt the warmth coming from the fire.


We enjoyed some warm 'hot' chocolate while we watched the fire


Mrs Watson and Mrs Norris lit the sparklers and put them in buckets for us to watch.  We had two races.  The Pups won the first sparkler race and the Cubs won the second!


We had water and sand ready to put the fire out.  At the end, we listened to the sizzle of the fire going out.  

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