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***Fashion show 'making' on Monday 17th May - bring an old t-shirt (optional)***

We are making our fashion show outfits on Monday 17th May in Reception. You are welcome to send in an old t-shirt for the children to use in their creation.  Please note - it may be drawn on or cut up so please do not send anything special! If you don't have an old t-shirt to send in, don't worry - we have lots of resources in school to use in our creations.

Unfortunately, we cannot invite families to come and watch our fashion show so we will be putting on our shows for each other in class instead on Tuesday 18th May.

Reception - Cubs (RCN) & Pups (RHH)

Cubs are taught by Mrs Norris, with Mrs Stephenson providing cover on Wednesdays.

Pups are taught by Mrs Hill on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays and Miss Hall on Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Watson, Mrs Sharratt, Ms Archer and Miss Peel support the children too.

The Reception school day will be 9:10am-3:10pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 9:10am-12:25pm (after eating lunch) on Fridays. Please note that there is an error on the Home page that states Reception finish at 12:20pm on Fridays.  This will be corrected. Please enter and leave through the Brinkhill gate (unless you have a special arrangement with the school due to siblings with the same start and end time), and observe social distancing.

Our Aim

Our aim is to offer your child a stimulating, high quality educational curriculum during their time at school.  Your child will continue to build on the knowledge and skills he or she has already acquired in nursery and at home, or when out and about in the world with you.  We are guided by the principles of The Early Years Foundation Stage approach to learning and by the National Curriculum requirements and aim to achieve these by:

  • Teaching in ways which stimulate and build upon curiosity and children’s interests, enabling learning through practical and planned play activities as well as through structured taught sessions.  The combination of these two approaches is vital as we encourage resilience, self-motivation and independence alongside the introduction of new ideas and skills.
  • Providing a rich variety of new and familiar experiences to extend and consolidate your child’s knowledge and confidence.
  • Using a range of equipment in planned and progressive ways that extend development and help your child to reach their full potential.
  • Encouraging children to consider their own choices and responsibilities in all that they do, building empathy and forethought into their actions.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need to contact us, please email the class address at:


Reception Class Letters & Newsletters

Lining up for parents and carers

Below you will see the videos that we made for the children returning to school after Lockdown. The information is still the same, with the exception of the names of the classes! I will leave them up so that you can see where Parents/Carers and children line up to come into Reception. If adults could line up on the correct sides it really helps us.  We find it easier to get the children out to you at the end of the day if we can see you where we expect you to be lined up.  

The Cubs (Mrs Norris) line up on the right, along the fence and down towards the football cage/Year One.

The Pups (Mrs Hill and Miss Hall) line up on the left and follow the fence round in the direction of Nursery.

Please remember to observe social distancing as you line up at the start and the end of the day.

CUBS, Mrs Norris (Formerly Platypups)


PUPS, Mrs Hall & Miss Hill (Formerly Joeys)


The Reception way of working is very similar to Nursery.  The children will have group times where they learn phonics, maths and other key learning.  They will also have the opportunity to choose their own learning in the workshop areas.  We have carefully selected which resources have the most benefit to the children's learning and have the most reduced risk in the current pandemic climate.  We have a rigorous and thorough cleaning schedule and there will plenty of handwashing to keep the children and staff safe.  Further pictures and information for the children can be found on our Transition tab: Children>Reception>Transition.

Cubs classroom

Pups classroom


Reading books will be given out on Mondays and collected in on Fridays (for quarantine purposes).  Please ensure your child brings their book bag on these days.

There are lots of ways you can support your child with reading at home so that your ENJOYS, ENGAGES and EXCELS. 

  • ENJOY sharing stories together.  Have fun looking at books together and read stories to your child.  Find a way to build storytime into your routines at home.  Bedtime is an ideal time to share a book because it is a good calming activity before settling down to bed.
  • Ask questions such as what happened in the story, why did that happen, how did she feel when that happened/how do you know, have you ever felt like that, what do you think will happen next/can you guess what will happen on the next page, which word told you she was scared? Don't ask too many questions or you will lose the flow of the story.  Questions ENGAGE your child with the story content.
  • Be excited to read - if you are enjoying it, your child is more likely to and when they enjoy it, they start to engage with it.
  • Look at the reading books together that are sent home from school.  If your child is confident then read it to them the first time they look at it.  This isn't cheating, don't worry!  Your child will feel more confident to look at the words and work them out if they are already familiar.  You could also try the 'jump in' strategy if they are still lacking confidence - read most of the sentence and get them to follow the words with their finger and then stop at a word that is easy to sound out and let them 'jump in' and read that one for you.  Explain that you need their help to read it.
  • Aim to read the school reading book every day.  That's only four times a week under our covid-secure reading book timetable.  Find a time that works best for you.  You might find that bedtime isn't the right time for them to be reading to you if they find it frustrating.  
  • If your child enjoys and engages with reading, then they will start to excel.



If you want to support writing at home, look for reasons to give the writing a purpose.  Children are much more enthusiastic about writing when they have a reason to do it.  Maybe they can help with the shopping by writing five items on their list that they have to find as you go around the supermarket.  Perhaps they could invite their friend to play and write out an invitation. If you would like another copy of the Read Write Inc soundboards that we use, please ask a member of staff. 


Your child does not need to bring a PE kit to school at this time.  We will take the opportunity to do PE outdoors, while the weather is favourable.  Please make sure your child wears comfortable footwear that is suitable for running around in.  We are aiming to do PE on a Wednesday, if the weather permits, with a back-up in hand of Friday if the weather is poor earlier in the week.  We will wear our normal school clothes.


WOW Moments

We still really want to hear about your child's WOW moments!  Have they learned to ride a bike? Made progress with swimming?  Spotted numbers on the way home? Written something all by themselves? Read a sign whilst out shopping with you?  Celebrated a special occasion?  

We still want to hear about them but we are trying to limit the paper contact between home and school so if you have something special to share please email the class address at reception@dovecote.school

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