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Reception (RSN & RCH)


We hope you all enjoyed the half term break. The children have settled back in brilliantly.

Out and about!

The outdoor environment has finally been resurfaced. We hope you like it as much as we do. We are going to continue to develop the indoor and outdoor environments to promote independence, encourage the children to look after resources, and provide lots of opportunities for deep level learning through play and exploration.

We are always looking for additional resources in school. We will be developing the mud kitchen next to the shed this half term. This will link to imaginative play,  helping the children to explore the world, develop language, work collaboratively and build friendships. They will be using their senses along with making links to maths and literacy, for example, reading menus, writing about what they have made, found and counted. If you have any old/unwanted kitchen items at home we would be grateful to use them at school. We apologise in advance for any muddy clothes! Remember than school uniform is worn to save your other clothes from damage and that the children will be learning a lot from their messy play.

Week 1

Last week we started our topic of ‘Celebrations’ by discussing bonfire night, reading the story of Guy Fawkes, developing our language by writing a whole class firework poem and made our own bonfire.

We also had a visit from Postman Wilson, who gave us a talk, then role played with the children in our outdoor post office. The children really enjoyed this. Why don’t you take a trip to the post office to buy real stamps and post letters together?

We spent a week exploring the number 5, which we will continue to do in more depth next week.

We spent a week recapping some of the sounds from last term before splitting into new phonics groups next week.

Week 2

This week we will be reading the story of ‘Rama and Sita’ and discussing Diwali the ‘celebration of light.’ We will continue to explore the number 5. The children have been regrouped into phonics groups based on their current reading ability. Their phonics teaching will be tailored to their exact needs. The groups are fluid and children will move into more challenging groups if they are ready to.

Week 3

This week we will be looking at how birthdays are celebrated. We shall be making a party shopping list as one of our writing activities. We will be designing and decorating a biscuit, party hats and organising a party for Pop, our class cuddly mouse. Please feel free to send in any birthday related photos or cards for us to look at. We hope to have a visit from the fire services. This will compliment the fire safety work we have been doing with our children. We will continue to explore the number 5.

Week 4

This week is all about weddings! We shall be  finding out about how different cultures celebrate weddings. If you can send in any wedding photos or bring in your wedding dress, that would be wonderful! We promise to look after your precious items. The children are going to write  their wedding acceptance cards to the wedding reception that we plan to hold in the dining hall . We will move onto explore the number 6.

Week 5

This week we are  going to be finding out about family celebrations. Come prepared to tell us about a special occasion in your family. It could be a christening, a get together with your relatives or just a lovely day out. Come and share it. We shall be exploring the number 7.

Week 6

This week we will be practising a lot for our performance of the Christmas pantomime ‘Dove Actually.’  We will be learning about The Nativity story. This will help the children to understand why Christmas is celebrated and will give them the background information for our performance. We shall be exploring  the  number 7.

Week 7

This week we will be celebrating Christmas. We  will learn about how Christmas is celebrated around the world and have our own Christmas party.

We will be recapping numbers 1-7

Our performance dates are the 12th and 13th of December.

Finally week 7 we shall be continuing with the theme of Christmas. We shall have our Reception Christmas party  on Thursday 21 December.  Come in your party clothes!


Please remember to send your child's book bag every day. Initially, we will be sending home story books to share. Please do not expect your child to be able to read these books. We would love it if you could read the stories to your children and talk about what happened. Who was in the story? What was the story about? Did anything funny happen? Anything scary? What was your favourite part and why? What do you think will happen next? Doing this helps your children to build up essential early reading skills. You can swap these books as many times as you would like throughout the week. We will be teaching the children phonics every day to build up a knowledge bank of sounds to enable them to start decoding words in their first reading books. They may already be able to spot some sounds they know in the books.

Wish List

  • We would love your recyclable materials for our making area.  Cardboard tubes, yoghurt pots, small boxes and bottle tops are particularly useful.  Please make sure that items are clean and dry.  We have had some smelly milk bottles on occasion!  We can also make good use of scraps of material, wool and ribbons.
  • If you have a spare packet of pasta, rice  or corn flour we will put them to good use in our tactile area.
  • As previously mentioned kitchen items for out mud kitchen. If you have any old wellies at home they would be greatly appreciated.


Arriving at school / Dismissing

The entrance door is closed at 8.50am, but remember you are welcome to stay until 9-9.10 to settle your child into their learning. You can then leave through the outdoor doors. You can also use this time to change their books.

Using the outdoor exists has made dismissing the children much smoother and safer.  I hope it feels less busy for you too. Thank you for your support in switching to this.

Marvellous Me

Some of the Early Learning Goals are tricky to assess in school, especially the Health and Self-Care objectives. They also Have access to a wide range of ICT at home which they are skilled at using. We would like to start using Marvellous me as an assessment tool. We will ask for a high 5 if your child is able to complete certain tasks independently. This will be added to their special books  in the family contributions section.

Don't forget...

  • PE  is on Mondays.  Your child will needs a PE kit with shorts, t-shirt and plimsolls.  Please make sure each item is named  so that we can attempt to re-unite lost items with your child! We are encouraging the children to get changed as independently as possible. They are improving at this and all 30 of them managed to get changed within 10 minutes last week. Keep promoting independence at home.
  • Thank you for everyone who is contributing to their child’s special books by completing the ‘Wow!’ moments postcards.  Have they learned to ride a bike? Made progress with swimming?  Spotted numbers on the way home? Written something all by themselves? Read a sign whilst out shopping with you?  Celebrated a special occasion?  Look out for the ‘Wow!’ hearts and stars near the reception noticeboards/on the shelves. These will be displayed then stuck into special books each half term. I would be great to have 6 special memories across the year.


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