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Week 1

What’s hatching?

We will discover some eggs.  What could be inside them?  Will they hatch?

We will look at the book, “10 Little Dinosaurs” and start our learning about dinosaurs. 

We will be celebrating World Book Day with dressing up fun and Three Little Pigs themed activities that we explore with nursery.

Week 2

This week, we will be making our own dinosaur-inspired music, thinking about healthy eating and what makes a good friend.  We will explore fossils and see what we can dig up.

Week 3

This week, Professor Norris will visit us to show us fossils and teach us about dinosaurs.  We will go on a dinosaur hunt, create our own rhythms in music, think about what we are good at and explore life cycles.  We will also be re-writing the We are Going on a Bear Hunt to make a new and exciting version of our own.

Week 4

This week, we will be having a dino-disco!  We will write invitations to the party. 

We will make our own fossils and explore ice.

Week 5

This week, we will explore the Easter story and the fun things we do at this time of year.  We will explore how chocolate changes with heat.


We will be finishing our in-depth work on single-digit numbers and continuing to develop our problem solving skills and record our workings out.  We will be doing lots of work on ‘counting on’ and ‘unitising’ to prepare us for our focused work on teen numbers at the start of next term.

We will also be looking in more depth at our Shape, Space and Measure learning.


This half term we will be exploring the CBeebies Dinosaur Adventure game, creating our own mini-animations and exploring how to retrieve information.


Reading for a short time every day with your child increases their reading development.  The more often the children are exposed to ‘tricky words’ (words that can’t be decoded using phonics) the quicker they will learn them.  Try writing them out and sticking them onto things your child uses regularly, e.g. the chest of drawers, toy drawers.  Re-inforce the words by reading them, e.g. “Can you get your t-shirt out of the ‘be’ drawer?”



If you want to support writing at home, look for reasons to give the writing a purpose.  Children are much more enthusiastic about writing when they have a reason to do it.  Maybe they can help with the shopping by writing 5 items on their list that they have to find as you go around the supermarket.  Perhaps they could invite their friend to play and write out an invitation. If you would like another copy of the Read Write Inc sound boards that we use, please ask a member of staff. 

Wish List


· We love to receive your spare boxes, tubes and bottles to use in our junk modelling area.  Please make sure items are clean and dry.

· If you have a spare packet of pasta, rice  or corn flour we will put them to good use in our tactile area.

Upcoming Events

· World Book Day, Thursday 1st March - dress up as a fairy tale character.

· We will be having a dino-party in week 4.  This will be within school time.

· We still offer ‘Stay and Read’ sessions on Friday mornings.  You are invited to stay with your child, as you bring them to school in the morning, and share books together.

· Details of Easter activities in the last week of term to be confirmed.



Don't forget...

· PE is on Mondays.  Your child will needs a PE kit with shorts, t-shirt and plimsolls.  Please make sure each item is named so that we can attempt to re-unite lost items with your child!

· Thank you to all those who have told us about their child’s ‘Wow!’ moments.  We really want to hear about them!  Have they learned to ride a bike? Made progress with swimming?  Spotted numbers on the way home? Written something all by themselves? Read a sign whilst out shopping with you?  Celebrated a special occasion?  We want to hear about their ‘Wow!’ moments so please share them with us!  Ask your child’s teacher for a ‘Wow!’ heart to write on.

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