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Welcome to Dovecote Nursery

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At Dovecote Nursery we plan our learning activities according to the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ curriculum 2017, and provide experiences in the seven areas of learning. All of our planned activities are taught through fun, play-based activities and we try hard to tailor things to tap into the children’s interests so that they will be highly motivated to engage with what we offer. We value children as individuals and have an emphasis on the Prime Areas of learning, such as ‘Communication and Language’, ‘Understanding’ and Making Relationships’ so that children are emotionally ready to access the full curriculum. Please take the time to read our booklet and contact us if you have any questions. You could phone the office or use the email address below:


The Nursery Team


Please remember to label all jumpers, cardigans, and coats with names. Children do not need to bring in their own water bottle, cups will be available for them to use in the classroom. Nursery will be well ventilated throughout the day and we will be doing lots of outdoor learning as we normally would. Please dress appropriately for the weather, including a warm coat for cooler days. On warmer days, children will need their own named sun hat and 8 hour sun cream applied before school.

You may bring in one bag with a full outfit change should they need it; don’t forget to include socks and shoes! Remember to include nappies and wipes for those that are toilet training. 

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Nursery Session Times

Our Nursery session times are:

Morning 9.15am -11.40am (Mon- Fri)
All day (N2 and funded N1 children only)  9.15am - 3.15pm (Mon-Thurs)

The Nursery school day for full time children finishes at 12:30pm on a Friday. Please enter and leave through the Brinkhill gate located at the back of the school field. Remember to observe social distancing when dropping off and collecting your child using the yellow markers. 


Full Time - Part Time

We offer full time to ALL N2 children and those that qualify for 30 hours funding.
Morning sessions are only for those that do not wish to be full time, are N1, want to split funding with a childminder or do not qualify.

All children will receive a welcome pack, including a book bag, book, colouring book, crayons and a uniform voucher. Funded children also receive an extra uniform voucher and free school dinner.

If you require any information or are unsure if you qualify. Please speak to our friendly office staff, who will be happy to help.

You can download an application form here.

Lunch Arrangements

A reminder that you will need to choose one lunch option for Autumn 1. This could either be a school meal or a packed lunch from home. Please notify staff of your choice when you drop your child off to avoid any confusion.

As we are now a cashless school, payments for school dinners will need to be made in advance via our payment provider SchoolGateway. The cost is £2.25 per meal. (£11.25 per week). 

You can contact the school office if you have any questions.

Reception aged children and children with a 30 hours code will recieve free school dinners. Please make sure your code is kept up to date. 


The Nursery Staff

Meet the Team ------ Meet the Team ------ Meet the Team ----

Miss Woodward


Mrs Wilson


Mrs Morrell


Mrs Kendrick

Miss Morrell


Mrs Dale


We Love Our New Nursery

It’s amazing what removing a wall and adding a lick of paint can do to a Nursery. We are thrilled with the work that has been done to improve our learning environment for the children. They are having lots of fun playing in it and we are already seeing a difference in the way the children are using the workshop areas, learning and looking after things. They also love their outdoor shelter and their new sandpit and mud kitchen.

nursery after 5

What the children say...

RJ- Age 3- “It’s big!”

Azelia- Age 3 "I feel happy."

Heidi Age 3- I like the carpet. I like sitting on the butterfly”

River Age 3- “Roll on my new rug!”

Isabelle age 3- "I like playing outside."

Ellison Age 3- “Its clean and has lots of toys”

What the staff say...

Miss Woodward- “The children are calmer and so much more focussed. A much better place to learn”

Mrs Macarron- “I actually jumped about and cried when I saw it. It is going to make such a difference to us all. Already the children are using the classroom in a different way and there is so much less mess.

Miss Archer- "It's brighter, more spacious and a nicer place to work with the children."

Miss Morrell-"We have more areas for the children to learn in and they are using them more than before.

What the Governors say...

Emma Craine- Parent Governor ''An amazing transformation, more space ,more resources, more potential to teach little minds"

Ed Williams- Head governor “The refurbishment has exceeded my expectations and truly transformed both the indoor and outdoor space.  This, along with all the new equipment, will dramatically enhance Dovecote’s provision for our Nursery children.”

What the parents have said...

Michaela Ingle- "Went in today to have a look and its a fantastic space. The staff have commented how much the learning has improved since the re-design and how much calmer it is now."


Other people who have visited...

Maggie- Speech and Language Therapist “Wow I can’t believe the difference. I want to stay in here all day.”

Nursery Before...

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Nursery Now...

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